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10 Tried And Tested Party Theme Ideas For Sports Socials

Impose one of our 10 tried and tested party theme ideas for sports socials on your teammates for a fun themed night out to remember. These daring dress-ups are the ideal mix of ‘sexy’ meets ‘disastrous attempt at tongue in cheek’. With each unique idea doable for under a fiver in Primark, there’s no excuse next time you and your squad heads out. Who’s game?

1. Builders and Handymen

what you need: Don high jackets, denim short shorts, and belt on a plastic tool kits are all the essentials for party theme ideas like this one. Pointless replicas of power utensils, wife-beaters and exposed midriffs are a sports social staple.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Split into teams and race to construct towers out of cups, bottles or people.

2. Foxes and Hounds

Ladies dress foxy and prepare to be ‘hunted’ by the pack of lads you’re drinking with. Or, reverse roles if you fancy going after your men.

Ideas for Sports Socials:

Each team starts in a different bar. The dogs are playing catch up and must track down their prey.

3. Nuns and Vicars

They’ll be plenty to repent for the morning after this sports social idea.
Tip: Use cheap starchy pillow cases to make-shift your ‘coif’ (nun’s headpiece).

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Instigate drinking games based on fessing up. If the classic ‘Never Have I Ever’ gets dull, ask each team member to submit an embarrassing story. Read these aloud and play guess who.

4. Cops and robbers

Grab the old white school shirt you packed for exactly this reason. Pair with dark shades you don’t mind losing and all black attire. You won’t be seeing straight after a few penalty shots anyway.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Freshers are suspect criminals. Keep them tied up and well refreshed to ensure good behavior.

5. Cross Dressing

This is the perfect party theme idea for sports socials that involve teaming up with big groups of guys. Every man secretly relishes the thought of a night out in drag. So, who are we to deny them the pleasure, while having a good laugh and wearing comfortable, baggy menswear of an eve?

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Make sure no team mate is underdressed. Bring additional items, such as wigs, skirts and unflattering trousers to donate.

6. Grannies and Grandads

What you will need: talc, woolly jumper, a mobility scooter and more talc. Shampoo and a long shower to wash the dry white powder out of your hair and eyebrows the next day.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
A cringey game of ‘Speak Out’. For those that don’t know, players attempt to utter phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that doesn’t let them shut their mouth.

7. Crayola Crayons

Get creative with this idea for a colourful, cone-y sports social like no other.
Order the real deal online, or buy an over-sized vest from Primark and doodle in the lines using black marker.

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Ideas For Sports Socials:
How much writing can you cram onto your fellow crayons? Arms, legs and chests are blank canvases…

8. Mean Girls

This is one of the best party theme ideas for a girly sports social as it’s SO ‘fetch’. Reminiscing about how awesome Regina George is, your fave characters and all the ‘You Go Glen Co-Co’-style quotes you can muster will keep you and your team giggling all night.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Who can you convince to copy your ripped-boob look in the club? ‘Cady Herring was wearing army pants and flip flops. So, I bought army pants and flip flops…’

9. Minions… Assemble!

Here’s another film-inspired idea for a sports social. And why not? All you need to pull it off is a beanie, something yellow or one person to bring along bright body paint.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Minions: ‘Find interesting items beginning with…’ and keep-body-off-floor related tasks are a must. Social secs take note.

10. Greeks / Romans… Both wore togas, right? Either way, last but by no means least, this one’s a modern classic…

No one pre-sports social era adorned alcohol-streaked bed linen in public. But, it’s all the rage in studentland these days. Couple your toga with a leafy crown to feel as though you’ve stepped back into ancient Mediterranean mythology for a historic night out.

Ideas For Sports Socials:
Red wine boat racing and ‘no-hands allowed’ grape passing between sports social attendees is essential.

What do you think of these party theme ideas for sports socials? Let us know in the comment section below!

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