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10 Trendy Wicker Basket Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On

10 Trendy Wicker Basket Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On

Wicker basket bags are very on trend at the moment. A wicker basket handbag is the perfect addition to any ensemble or outing.

Wicker basket bags are the must have accessory of the season, so if you want to stay ahead of the trends, then you need to get your hands on one! From the classic natural straw to stripes and embroidery, there are so many wicker basket bag options out there to suit your style and set you apart form the crowd. Here are some of the must-have trendy wicker basket bags that you just need to get your hands on!

1. Classic Straw Tote

The classic straw tote is the wicker basket bag that you need if you want one that will go with every outfit this summer. The natural finish of the straw provides a neutral colour for pairing with your clothes, but looks especially good against denim.

2. Leaf Embroidered

Bring on the beach vibes in full force by opting for a wicker basket bag with palm leaf embroidery. This one adds an extra touch of quirkiness with the contrasting green colours on the natural finish of the straw. Get your hands on this bag to take with you on vacation.


3. Mini Basket Bag

If you’re looking for a small accessory and a summer alternative to the bucket bag, then go for mini wicker basket bags. This tiny bag will still hold your essentials, and the tougher basket material will add some structure to even the flowiest of summer outfits.

4. Circle Crossbody Bag

This is a super cool wicker basket bag trend that has been everywhere lately, and you surely don’t want to miss out. Straw circle bags are an update on your typical leather crossbody bags, and combine both form and function to give you ultimate summer vibes. You need to get your hands on one of these soon because they’re always the first to sell out!

5. Slouchy Straw Bag

If you’re after a more relaxed bag, then this is the one for you. Fans of canvas tote bags and shoppers will definitely enjoy this soft version of the wicker basket bags trend. It’s big enough to carry most of your stuff (and even your shopping) in, but isn’t too stiff so it won’t be restrictive.


6. Black Basket Tote

Here’s an option for people out there that want a wicker basket bag that is a bit easier to pair with their dark outfits. This black basket tote is also a good way to take the wicker basket bag trend into the night time.

7. Fringe Tote

Quirky details are what will set your wicker basket bag apart from the slew of basket and straw bags out there. This particular tote bag adds something extra to the typical straw bag by adding a cute fringe detail. This is a tote you need to get your hands on if you’re looking for a fun bag to take to the beach.

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8. Carry-all Maxi Tote

If you’re a little bit extra and want a bag that will fit your entire life, this is a good option. This carry-all tote is big enough to hold a laptop, so if you’re someone with a busy lifestyle but you still want to be part of the wicker basket bags trend, then this is the one that you need.

9. Striped Basket Tote

Wicker basket bags don’t only come in solid colours, and this tote is proof of that. If you’re after a wicker basket bag that could still pass for your typical leather tote, then go for one in a bold colour or pattern. The black and white stripes on this bag make it stand out, yet the neutral colours still make it easy to pair with most of the items in your closet.

10. Gingham Insert Bag

Go for full on picnic vibes with this wicker basket bag that comes with a cute gingham insert. This bag comes in a classic size and will hold almost everything you need on a summer day out. Best of all, the black and white gingham insert adds some vintage quirk without being too loud or flashy.


Which trendy wicker basket bags do you need to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments!

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