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10 Most Trendy Jumpers To Rock This Autumn

10 Most Trendy Jumpers To Rock This Autumn

These trendy jumpers will keep you warm and cozy, while still looking great, when the autumn weather begins getting chillier.

The weather is getting colder, the days shorter, and the rain heavier. You know what that means – it’s time for Autumn! Autumn means it’s officially trendy jumper season, no matter what the temperature is, (bloody unpredictable British weather) and so I’ve rounded up ten of the cutest trendy jumpers you should be rocking this Autumn to make even the most miserable day better!

Topshop Chevron Insert Jumper

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! You can’t deny it, stripes are everywhere, and my pick of the numerous stripy jumper crazy hitting the high street is this Topshop jumper, which ties in to the trend whilst also being lowkey enough to wear to work. This is probably the most versatile jumper on this list – you can wear it with a corduroy skirt or with flare jeans, accordingly. I love it.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Knit Jumper in Pink

I am a sucker for a fuzzy jumper and I have also been obsessed with pink lately. This jumper is the jumper of my fashion dreams. Cute, cosy, and not bright enough so you resent looking at it in the gloomy mornings, this jumper also lets me fulfil my Barbie dreams – three in one!


Urban Outfitters Rose Motif Jumper

It should be a cardinal rule that all jumper lovers should own at least one questionably nice jumper for the period leading up to Christmas – aka ugly jumper season. This one verges on the edge of being hideous but makes up for it with a kitschy rose print. I would definitely wear this on days where I don’t want to get out of bed – so, every day?

ASOS Design Chunky Jumper with Rainbow Tipping

How could I not include a jumper from ASOS? ASOS has an absolutely massive selection of jumpers that really are for every occasion, but I’m partial to this beast of a jumper because I love a chunky knit. I’m really into jumpers, if you couldn’t tell already. Also, this one has rainbow sleeves, so you can literally brighten up your day!

River Island White Knit Stitch Detail Long Sleeve Jumper

You can’t go wrong with a classic white or cream jumper. This is the sort of jumper to throw on with your cowboy or knee-high boots and pretend you own a country ranch and married into a family with old money and at least five more houses. This jumper lets you live out your county dreams in style – it will also go with practically everything, including adorable earmuffs and gloves when the temperature really drops.

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Berskha Faux Fur Sweater

As I said before, I love a furry or fuzzy jumper simply because it’s always nice to have a comforting fabric against your skin. I chose this one because Berskha is a nice, affordable brand without compromising on quality, and this jumper is adorable. Who wouldn’t want to walk around with what looks like tiny fairy lights on their sleeves?

Zara Fringed Beaded Sweater

If you like drama, this is the jumper for you. With big sleeves and stand-out details that sort of remind me of a very large pearl necklace, this jumper is the sort you wear to the office with skinny jeans and killer ankle boots. Comfort and style in one. Plus, you can swish the sleeves around when you get bored. Win-win.


There we have it – seven trendy jumpers for day, night, and everything in-between. I hope you find yourself as in love with these picks as I am, because trendy jumper season is coming whether you like it or not, and you might as well look great whilst suffering through it!

What trendy jumpers do you love? Which trendy jumpers did we forget? Tell us in the comments!
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