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Trendy Hair Colours To Try This Summer

Trendy Hair Colours To Try This Summer

Trendy Hair Colours To Try This Summer

Try new hair colours this Summer! Summer is almost here, and it is the right season to just add novelty or completely change your style. Why not start with your hair colour?  Why not go lighter, or darker? Dusty pink and other eccentric colours are in vogue now and will bring a breath of fresh air to your usual outfits. In doubt, you can do highlights, use temporary hair colour instead of the perm.

Discover our selection of trendy hair colours to try this Summer ASAP.

1. ‘Pink Gold’

This hair colour is very trendy this season, especially on shorter hair. Original and fresh, the two shades complete each other perfectly. Depending on the pigmentation that you are want to choose, you are going to end up with an extra pink result or blond. For brunettes, it is recommended to accentuate the blond shades as it will compliment your original hair tone. For light and dark blonds, you can go crazy with the pink. If you have black hair, the ‘pink gold’ shade might be too bright and you’ll have to resort to extreme measures risking thus damaging your hair to get that shade.


2. Honey Blond

Everybody has always at least once wanted to go blond. The honey blond is a beautiful colour due to its shining properties and the way it catches the light – a lighter shade hides a slightly darker one. This colour especially suits girls that already have blond or lightish hair – for a natural result. This warm shade of blond will satisfy any fashionista and looks absolutely tasty, and will reflect ideally when the sun is out.

3. Auburn

The 2019 hair colour is deep and full of personality – just like the deep red/ Auburn shade. No doubt you will be noticed on the streets, this colour is sticking. It will suit any dark-haired lady out there, as they won’t need to lighten and damage their hair. Do not confuse the auburn shade with the chocolate one: the latter is always darker than the former and does not have any red pigmentation. Auburn is ideal for brown haired girls who would consider going ginger but don’t want to do it straight away. You will look lovely with this hair colour, particularly if you want to keep a darker shade of hair colour without losing originality.

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4. Ginger

Usually, blonds and chocolate hair colours are the ones trending. However, in 2019, it’s all about flame-haired hair! For sure, this orangish colour will bring a lot of attention in your direction. However, it is worth mentioning that once you go ginger, it is very hard to switch to another hair colour – even if you go for black hair after the colour washes out, you risk having red nuances. And don’t even think about going blond… But if you think ginger is YOUR colour, you won’t be disappointed at all. Stylish and fashionable, this colour rocks!

5. Silver Blond

Silver or Platinum blond will bring some coolness to your look. Especially gorgeous on long hair, the colour of the dye will be either silver-white –  or blue. To achieve a perfect colour, it is always advised to visit a professional salon. A couple of days after dying your hair, you might see appearing some yellowish nuances. You can fight those with a special (blue) shampoo to keep the whiteness of your hair. Lucky are the girls with light coloured hair as their silver blond will stay for longer.

What hair colour would you try this summer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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