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8 Trends To Avoid This Summer

8 Trends To Avoid This Summer

We're always on the look out for new trends, but sometimes we shouldn't follow them. Here are some trends that we should probably avoid this summer 2019.

Trends come and go as we all know. We look back at pictures of our past selves and wonder what the fu*k we were thinking. So, if you want to help yourself out, here are 8 trends to AVOID this summer.

1) Ruffles

Although this fashion statement has been seen as the most obviously feminine and flirtatious, it’s time to ditch. It’s been done a million times over, and has always remained a controversial topic. While, yes, some can pull it off, it’s one for the elite few, and I’m not sure it’s a risk I’m ready (or willing) to take.¬†Instead go for shapes that flatter your figure and doesn’t make you twice as wide.

2) Chokers

Ahhh Chokers. We all had them. This fleetingly brief trend was the hype. Casual lunch out with the girls? Choker. First date with a massive crush? Choker. Lectures and meetings on campus? Choker.


There never seemed to be an inappropriate time to get the choker out, but now I can’t help but look back and think, yes how inappropriate. An accessory that was really intended for a party club setting was brought into the daylight hours and was labeled as a necessity, can now be left alone to rest in peace. Farewell.

3) Dad Trainers

Not sure how or WHY this ‘trend’ (if you can call it that) caught on, it’s definitely one to avoid. Yes, I LOVE the trainer and dress look, paired with a denim jacket, I think this look will always been in fashion. But… Choosing the right trainer is key, not too bulky, not too ‘in your face’, you don’t want tooo much of a platform, and please colour coordinate (something that far too often slips through the cracks).



4) Cold-Shoulder Jumpers

Now, what purpose do cold-shoulder jumpers really serve? Not warmth. Once upon a time, this trend was innovative and exciting (cutting holes out of clothes *gasp*) but it’s been done and I think the majority can agree we now have other options.

I’m all for an off-the-shoulder look, I think this can look chic and elegant but in ‘jumper-form’ it can look bulky and awkward.

5) OTT Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Ripped jeans will always share a special place in my heart (if you can endure the relentless family jokes… “do you want me to buy you a new pair of jeans”… “I think I have my sewing kit somewhere”). Yes, it’s definitely a younger generation trend, that most parents (and most definitely grandparents) won’t understand.


But. This trend can be and has been (far too many times) taken too far. Know when to stop. If more skin than denim is showing, then you know it’s OTT. Keep it modest.

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6) Tiny Sunglasses

Kim Kardashian wore them so they must be trendy, right? Think again. While, yes, this trend flooded the runways and fashion catalogues, it’s been put to bed.


While I always thought they looked more comical than fashionable, it seems more and more people are ditching the trend and opting for something more classic.

7) Fanny Packs

Unless you’re at a festival, fanny packs don’t act a substitute for your purse and handbag. Ever.

8) Tie- Dye

This 90’s trend can’t help but remind me of my days at pre-school when my mum would dress me in the most bright and obvious colours. I think florals and pastel colours and the way to go.


While Fashion is a way a lot of us like to express ourselves (and I’m all for it) these 8 trends to avoid this summer might help when you’re looking back at photos of yourself in years to come…

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