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10 Trending Apps To Have On Your Phone

10 Trending Apps To Have On Your Phone

With a phone, you always want the latest updates and accessories, and this includes apps. Read on to find out what are the trending apps that you need!

We live in a technological society, and it’s very rare to see someone without the latest phones, tablets and other gadgets. Moreover, it’s become a bit of a fad to also have the latest trending apps on your phone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, here are the ten trending apps to have on your phone.

1: Facebook

When it was first released to the public, Facebook took the world by storm and became the face of social media and connections. With it now becoming an app, you can now be connected to the people you know everywhere you go.

2: Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram is another trending app to have on your phone. This app revolutinised how you take photos on your camera, and how you filter them and share them with people. Moreover, this app is another way to connect with people.


3: WhatsApp

Another great trending app to have on your phone is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app, and what’s fantastic about this app is that it has unlimited texting, and is WiFi accesible. You can also send video messages and photos to your contacts.

4: Uber Eats

With delivery apps (Menulog and Deliveroo come to mind) on the rise, you can’t go pass by Uber Eats. One of the trending apps that you must have on your phone, Uber Eats works exactly like Uber, but with food. There is a list of restaurants to order from and you pay through the app by linking your credit or debit card. Furthermore, you can track how far away your order is.


5: Shazam

If you’re listening to a song on the radio and you want to know the name of the song, then Shazam is the trending app to have on your phone. What’s great about this app is that once it has identified the song, Shazam gives you the options of listening to the song on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as sharing it on several social media platforms.

6: Audible

Another trending app to have on your phone is Audible. This app is perfect for people who like to listen to books instead of reading, giving you access to over 300,000 titles that you can download and listen to while you’re at the gym or commuting to and fro from work. Moreover, you can change the speed to enhance your listening experience.


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7: Netflix

Netflix became the new best thing when it came onto our TV screens, but it has entered the small screen of our phones. This trending app allows you to stream your favourite TV shows and movies wherever you are, whether you’re riding on public transport, or if your family is hogging the Netflix on the big screen.


8: Uber

Another trending app to have on your phone is Uber. This app offers a private taxi service, where you use the privacy of someone’s car to get to where you want to go. Just like with Uber Eats, Uber offers a list of the closest drivers near you, and after your ride, you pay through the app.

9: Google Maps

If you need an app that acts like a portable GPS, then look no further than Google Maps. This trending app is great because while you’re navigating your way through the area, you receive real-time updates on traffic conditions. The app also tells you which route will get you to your destination the fastest.

10: Spotify

Another trending app to have on your phone is Spotify. This app lets you listen to all the music hits that you love, as well as any albums. You can also create your own playlist on Spotify, or listen to the already made playlists on this trending app. Spotify also has thousands of podcasts that you can listen to.


Do you know of any other trending apps that are must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!

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