10 Trendiest Backless Loafers For Men You NEED In Your Wardrobe RN

With summer fast approaching, maintaining a good shoe sense is imperative for men and your sneaker selection will say a lot about your character. Want to be part of a new trend sweeping the world of footwear fashion? Put those flip-flops aside and splash out on a pair of backless loafers, the boots that will have you sizzling like the midsummer sun. Here are the 10 Trendiest Backless Loafers You Need In Your Wardrobe RN! And of course where you can find them…

1. Bertie Greenland Camel Leather Backless Loafers

A safe yet stylish choice, These Loafers from Bertie Greenland come in two varieties, stone leather, and camel leather, featuring a decorated front and sleek silhouette design. Ideal for a first pair to slip in and out of.

Get them here:

2. Backless Tan Loafers From Base London

A timeless piece from luxury designers Base London, these classy loafers are real gentlemen’s boots that give an air of authority and wisdom. Asos can accommodate if your willing to indulge in this flat soled footwear.

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3. Steve Madden Hugh Motif Backless Loafers

Bohemian Hipsters, eat your hearts out. These outrageous beauties are designed specifically for almond toes, together with a chequered motif that Da Vinci would be proud of.

Shop them here:

4. Mulo Suede Backless Loafers

A snug indoor option for you to sink into, these elegant penny loafers by Mulo come in a tranquil blue hue that epitomises peace and comfort. Hand made using a strenuous 100 step process, these loafers are a must have for your wardrobe, one which can shine in both formal and informal settings.

Shop them here:

5. New Chic Breathable Soft Sole

Trendy and highly practical best describes these trendy loafers from Newcomer designers New Chic. These slip-ons can be utilised all year round, whether in formal or casual settings although the air filter padding will work wonders on those sweltering summer days. Available in black or white, although we’d recommend lighter colours for warmer weather.

Shop them here (with a 35% discount!):

6. River Island Black Tassel Woven

A versatile pair of loafers with a gothic-inspired theme, these tassel woven shoes will pair amicably with chinos and blazers in any casual or semi-formal situation. Forgot the socks, these loafers will provide day-long comfort without eating into your soles.

Get them here:

7. Gucci Princetown Horsebit Shearling Backless Loafers

A bold choice but one that will sparkle in and out of your wardrobe, these regal loafers feature iconic gold horse bits delicately lined into shearlings which ooze style and character. Once you get over the price hurdle, these unique Italian imports will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Your Girlfriend will be all too happy to slip into them when you don’t.

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Get yours here:

8. Bannock Driver Backless Loafers

Dune London has produced a gem that every man should have in his wardrobe RN! These loafers are tailor-made for formal occasions, with a sharp metallic trim and alluring black tone. Purchase directly from Dune London and receive a discount off your next order!

Get the look here:

9. Gucci New York Yankees Appliquéd

Take a bite out of the big apple with these fashionable backless loafers. Don’t let the $ tag deter you, this pair form part of the lavish Gucci AW18 collection and along with the prestige, you will have lifetime aftercare and warranty package. There’s no doubt New Yorkers know how to rock a pair of loafers, so why not ride the fashion wave!

Shop them here:

10. Asos Backless Mule Loafers

A welcome addition for your wardrobe, these faux leather loafers by Asos come at a reasonable price and feature an apron toe design. The textured tread will make you stand out in the crowd in any climate!

You can find them here: 

Did you agree with our candidates for the 10 TRENDIEST BACKLESS LOAFERS FOR MENS WARDROBES RN? If you have any other ideas, please let us know in the comments below!

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