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10 Travel Tips For When You Have A Baby

10 Travel Tips For When You Have A Baby

If you are getting ready for your first trip with your baby, check out this list of travel tips you need to know before traveling with your little one!

Traveling with a baby isn’t going to be easy as you have to pack for someone other than yourself and you have to be more careful then normal. Whether you are flying by plane, road tripping across the Uk or catching a ferry, here are the 10 travel tips for when you have a baby!

1. Pack light

If you are travelling with a baby there are a lot of things you are going to need to pack. If you are flying by plane you need to especially make sure you pack light as having a baby means having to check baggage, so take advantage of it and bring the monitor and swaddle blanket if you want, but keep the number of bags to a minimum and stash diapers wherever a little extra space is available.

When travelling with a baby you need to try and be space efficient and roll up what you can and stuff them into the toe-box of your favourite shoes. Packing healthful snacks is a must, for adults and babies alike, and remember that with a baby, you are allowed to carry-on bottles of water, formula and breast milk.


2. Naps

Be sure to schedule in the baby’s naps with travel time so they are asleep and peaceful for the majority of the journey. This also gives you some time to catch some rest.

3. Think of safety

Before booking a holiday with your baby make sure that the destination is safe.

4. Vaccinations

Before you travel find out what vaccinations your baby will need. This is one of the most important travel tips.


5. Accommodation

When traveling with a baby it is important to check that a hotel is baby friendly and child proof. I recommend Airbnb! Why? Because a separate bedroom is often useful to let the kids sleep in, you get your own space while still being in earshot of the crying baby. Being able to cook is also handy as it means you can prepare anything necessary for the baby. Nowadays many hosts offer baby beds, so you don’t even need to bring one, what a result. Of course hotels which offer babysitting services are good too.

6. Sun protection

Don’t underestimate the sun even if you’re in the shade! Dermatologists always recommend: first, cover the body of your baby with a high SPF; second, don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Even in shade you need to use sunscreen for the remaining parts, such as hands or face as a baby’s skin is highly sensitive and burnable. Use an SPF 50 sunscreen and make sure you buy one that does not contain Octocrylene, as it has hormonal effects in cell cultures. This is one of the most helpful travel tips, especially when heading to a tropical destination with your little one.

7. First aid kit

When traveling with a baby you need to bring a first aid kit with you as you never know what is going to happen. Remember vitals like insect repellent and bite cream (baby friendly ones of course) too as there is nothing worse than a crying baby in itchy pain.


8. Car seat

Make sure for your holiday you have the right car seat. Don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s fine to take Tuk-Tuks, Scooters or cars without a car seat. Although many people adapt very quickly into believing that accidents only happen at home. The reality is: Chances of getting in an accident on your travels are often far higher than at home.

Planes: Check with your airline for the seat regulations when travelling with a baby

Cars: some foreign countries have different rules for car seats so be sure to check these before you travel

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I would recommend finding a light car seat that is easy to carry around. A small one is best because some foreign taxis and cars have little spare room for a car seat.

9. Carriers

A baby carrier is probably THE most important travel gadget for babies and toddlers. Many countries don’t have stroller-appropriate streets and/or many stairs to climb. So be prepared to carry your bub a lot! For hot countries try and find a light cotton based breathable carrier which is also small enough to fold into a back pack. This definitely one of the most useful travel tips to know!


10. Feeding

Whether you are breastfeeding or not you need to time feeding efficiently.

When flying: encourage your baby to eat on the ascent and descent as this equalizes the pressure in their ears. Some babies are very sensitive to changes in pressure and will let you know if they are in pain in a not so subtle way. Drinking water out of a sippy cup or sucking on a pacifier can serve the same purpose.

When driving: time the baby’s feeding with when you make pit stops or overlays as this reduces the number of times you stop on your travels.


Please share this with your friends and family who will be traveling with a little one to ensure a happy and safe journey!

What are some other travel tips you have about travelling with a baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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