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10 Travel Instagram Accounts For Adventurous Souls

10 Travel Instagram Accounts For Adventurous Souls

Travel Instagram Accounts have been growing rapidly and have taken over this platform in recent years. Posting travel photos and writing beautiful stories are considered to be a dream job by many. With so much diversity amongst content creators and their specific and different perspective of traveling and travel content, you can find those who you’d like to follow the journey with. In case you’re looking for a dose of inspiration and motivation, here is a list of 10 Travel Instagram Accounts Every Adventurous¬† Soul Should Follow!

1. National Geographic Traveler (@natgeotravel)

If your pure heart is all about traveling then it goes without saying that this extraordinary and very informative platform has already been added to the following list. NatGeo always provides great travel journalism to every passionate and gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge by learning about new cultures, new places, and incredible people. This account deserves your attention!


2. Aggie (@travel_inhershoes)

She is a Polish-born, Australian educated, Los Angeles based adventure traveler, writer, blogger, and photographer. Her Instagram is packed with outstanding photography that will definitely grab your attention. Aggie pays heed to details and always makes sure she delivers a meaningful piece of art that will inspire and educate her audience.

3. Lisa Homsy (@lisahomsy)

This Canadian girl travels the world like it’s nobody’s business! Lisa always describes herself as a travel passionate who’s a curiosity of exploring is endless and neverending. She bought her first camera in 2011 and studied photography herself since then. Now she’s the proud author of various photography presets you can purchase and show off your skills too.


4. Amy Seder (@amyseder)

Travel Instagram Accounts are inspirational and people behind them even purer and kinder! Amy is a content creator of Away Lands where she produces travel-related blog posts and aims to inform and inspire people to do what makes them happy and fulfilled.

5. Adriana Alvarado (@maya_gypsy)

Adriana began her journey on Instagram by selling traditional bags from her native country, Guatemala. She met her partner, Luke Cameron, on Tinder, and a few years later they run a business together. Maya Gypsy moved to Australia to help people become Instagram influencers too by offering great tips and hacks on how to do so.


6. Couples Who Travel (@travel_ust)

Travel_ust is all about couples traveling together and sharing those wonderful moments with the world. If you hit the follow button, you’ll recieve a great portion of beautiful photos and kindness from couples all around the world.

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7. Beth Sandland (@bethsandland)

Beth’s content is more about lifestyle and living, however, she keeps you up-to-date with her travels and thoughts. This London based girl is fairly a newcomer but has a lot to offer.


8. Michelle Chu (@michutravel)

She is an island addict, a freelance graphic designer, and a travel photographer. Michelle has already gathered a community of nearly 400k people who are like-minded and share the same passion for traveling as she does. As a professional photographer, she won’t let you down with her insanely picturesque feed and photography skills.

9. Laura V & Nicolas H (@passportinonehand)

A cute couple from the 90s born in Belgium decided one day to quite their comfy life and start actually living it! Laura and Nicolas wish to spread love and positivity through their social media and encourage people to follow their dreams. Their blog is there for you to guide you through planning your next trip.

10. EarthPix (@earthpix)

The number of Travel Instagram Accounts is gigantic and it is still growing! Nevertheless, this Instagram Account does stand out since it is a melting pot of all the incredible travel influencers and travel content creators in one place. EarthPix shares the awesomeness and beauty of this world and great passion and gratitude towards Mother Nature.



What Travel Instagram Accounts are on your following list? Share with us in the comments below.

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