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8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

Knowing where to look for sex toys if you're a sex toy newbie can be difficult. Here are our top picks for you to check out!

Whether you’re single and looking for new ways to experiment on your own, or you’re wanting to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, but don’t really know where to start, sex toys are a fantastic place to begin. It can be difficult to know which toys to go for as a sex toy newbie so we’ve searched the market to bring you a few that we think you’ll love.

1. Bullet Vibrator

At a glance this toy looks just like a lipstick so it could easily be stored in your makeup bag and isn’t going to give your room mates a surprise if they walk into your dorm room and see it lying on your bed. The size of bullets, including this one, make for fantastic targeted stimulation so would be the perfect choice for someone new to sex toys.

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

2. Glass Wand

Glass dildos are great for sex toy newbies because they’re so easy to use and keep clean. Unlike other materials glass is non-porous so won’t collect bacteria and degrade over time. Glass toys will also warm to your body’s temperature, making them more comfortable to use but they can even be placed in the fridge for a short while and used cold; it really depends on your preference.

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

3. Silicone Dildo

If you want a toy that feels more lifelike, then a silicone dildo is for you. If you buy one with a suction cup on the bottom you can stick it to the wall, the floor or inside the shower for hands-free action; just make sure you remember to take it off again so you don’t have some awkward explaining to do to your roommates.

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

4. Ben Wa Balls

If you’ve seen the Fifty Shades of Grey films you may remember the metal balls that Christian gave Anastasia to wear to the masquerade ball. These weighted beads are designed to provide discreet pleasure while you walk around. They are usually worn for a few hours and then taken out just before sex to heighten the feeling of penetration.

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

5. Vibrating Body Wand

Initially designed as back massagers, women quickly found other uses for vibrating body wands. This is essentially the bigger and better version of a bullet vibrator, but also a little less subtle. It’s 20 vibration modes gives you lots to play around with and find what you like. It’s especially great if you find it difficult to climax because its vibrations are so powerful.

8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

6. Two in one Vibrator

If both vaginal and clitoral stimulation is your thing, then this vibrator is for you. With 7 different thrusting modes, 7 different sucking modes and a heating function this toy takes self-pleasure to a whole new level. It’s perfect for the sex toy newbie who wants to dive straight in and try a little bit of everything.

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8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

7. Vibrating Cock Ring

If you’re looking for a toy to use with your boyfriend then this vibrating cock ring has you covered. It’s designed to be worn on a man’s penis and like a regular cock ring, will help him stay harder and last longer. The top of the toy has been designed to vibrate to stimulate the clitoris during sex, while the cock ring itself also vibrates for male pleasure.
8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

8. Anal Training Kit

If you’re wanting to experiment with anal play, a training kit would definitely be a wise investment. This kit was created by PornHub and consists of 3 plugs in various sizes. Start with the smallest plug first and work your way up to the largest, gradually allowing your body to get used to each one. Before you attempt to use any plugs make sure you have plenty of lube on hand, you’re going to need it.
8 Toys Every Sex Toy Newbie Should Buy

Do you use sex toys or would you consider using them? Let us know in the comments below.

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