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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up When You’re Having A Down Day

Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Spirits Up When You’re Having A Down Day

We all have that down day where we have a low mood but sometimes we struggle to pull ourselves out of it.Here is a list of ten things to do to cheer you up!

It’s inevitable that we will all have those down days, where we’re feeling slightly blue. It’s easy to feel optimistic when everything in life feels on track. However, when life gives you road bumps it can be hard to keep your morale high. Although there are things we can blame -mainly things out of our control-  there is only one person who can control your mood and that’s You.

Listen to happy music

When most people feel sad they listen to sad ballads that only feed their low mood. I get why this is appealing – when you feel down- you want to listen to other people who are in the same mood. After all, misery loves company. However, this is counterproductive. If your goal is to cheer yourself up, then listen to some happy tunes instead. Studies have found that happy music encourages you to get up and move which ultimately leads to endorphins being released. Making you happier.


Don’t Exclude Yourself

 The worst thing you can do during a low mood is to keep yourself to yourself. All that does is bottle up your negative emotions and lets them fester. Instead when a friend invites you to do something say yes. Even if you really don’t want to. Chances are its exactly what you need. It has been proven that when we spend time with our friends we are more likely to forget our problems. Therefore, going out laughing and having fun with the people we love most is the best way to lift your mood.

Don’t feel afraid to share

 Your friends are your friends for a reason. Ultimately they should be the people you can turn to when you are in crisis. When you are having a down day don’t be afraid to tell your friend that you aren’t feeling your best self. They will be sympathetic and supportive and you will also get some advice. Even if you don’t want to talk about your problems in depth, telling them will lift a weight off your shoulders. You will feel better simply spending time with your friend knowing that they don’t judge you for feeling low. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Get out of the house

The worst thing to do when you have low energy is to stay in the house. Staying in only allows you to sit and ruminate on your emotions. The longer you stay in the harder it makes it to get up and leave. By getting out and about it allows you to open yourself up to possibilities. Plus, if it’s a sunny day you will soak up vitamin D which has also been proven to improve mood.


Get your 8 hours

When you are feeling low it is often a way of your body trying to let you know its tired. Therefore, it is important to get enough relaxation. By getting the recommended 8 hours sleep you will be well rested and fresh enough to take on the next day’s tasks. You will have enough energy to go about your day and in turn, will feel better for it.

Be productive

If you are feeling down the last thing you want to do is work but keeping busy is important. To make yourself feel better, throw yourself into your job, house chores or a project you’ve been putting off. By fulfilling even one of these tasks you will feel valuable which will improve your mood. Productivity makes you feel accomplished. So even if you tackle the smallest task, you will feel happier for doing so.

Pet Therapy

 Do you ever wonder why petting an animal improves your mood? Pets give you unconditional love and companionship. Which could be an area of your life which you feel is lacking. Therefore, having a pet can fill the void in your life. If you get a dog, you will have to walk it twice daily at a minimum which increases exercise levels and limits the amount of time you spend inside.

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Be Grateful

 We can often get bogged down in the things we can’t change. The things we don’t have. By focussing on these things it contributes to our low mood. Instead, focus on the things you do have. Even if you hate your job, you are still employed. You have great friends and family who will support you no matter what. Ultimately, be grateful for what you do have not what you don’t. By focussing on all the positives in your life you will automatically begin to feel better.

Treat Yourself

 They didn’t invent retail therapy for no reason. It has been proven that when people purchase items they get a dopamine rush. This chemical response helps improve our mood. Shopping has become a cliché but it actually works. Treating yourself to new things makes the brain react positively. So if you’re feeling down, go spend a part of your wages treating yourself.


Find a Hobby

Part of the reason you might be feeling under the weather is that you have too much free time on your hands. By busying yourself up with a new hobby your time will be occupied. By keeping yourself busy you won’t have time to overthink or ruminate over past mistakes. Lastly, your brain will also be preoccupied with learning a new skill and all the information of that will leave no time for stress.

It is clear that all of our mental health can take a dip at some time or another. Hopefully, these suggestions will help combat your low mood on a down day. Let us know in the comments!

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