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Top Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Nails And Keep Them Healthy

Top Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Nails And Keep Them Healthy

Here are some tips on how to take care of your nails and keep them lokking fresh and healthy. These tips will help your nails grow long and strong.

We all love having our nails look nice, so we often get a manicure that we then forget to take off. In the process, we tend to disregard our nails, which actually need a lot of care and attention. They are an important part of our look that has to be maintained with great care. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry – check out these top 6 tips on how to take care of your nails.

1. Use moisturiser

Most people don’t realise that you can actually use moisturiser on your nails as well as your hands. You can even get specific nail and cuticle moisturiser that will protect your nails. It is really good because it not only soothes your nails but also makes them healthier and stronger.

2. Apply protective coating

Even if you’re not planning on putting on any nail polish, you should still consider helping out your nails by applying a protective base coat. There are tons of different ones to choose from – they range all the way from vitamin to regenerative coats. Trust me, your nails will thank you for it and they’ll end up looking better in the long run.


3. Trim your nails regularly

How to take care of your nails is just like your hair, your nails require regular trimmings. You don’t even have to have it done professionally because it’s easy to do at home on your own. All you need is some clippers and you’re good to go. The best way is to make a straight cut across the front and then round off the edges of your nails.

4. Take care of your tools

This is a big deal in all nail salons but somehow people tend to disregard it when dealing with their nails at home. It’s extremely important to constantly disinfect your tools to avoid the spread of bacteria. Washing them with soap and then giving them a wipe down with rubbing alcohol will do the job just fine. Also, don’t forget to replace disposable tools from time to time.

5. Always check the label

We often read up on various makeup brands but somehow forget to look at the labels on nail products. There are plenty of chemicals that you should avoid, including toluene, so it’s important to always read the label. That way you’ll ensure that your nails are only receiving the best possible treatment.

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6. Give your nails a break

We all love putting on those bold colours and intricate designs but you shouldn’t forget about your nails in the process. They require constant breaks from nail polish, so it might be best to just leave the bright colours for the weekend. In the meantime, be sure to exercise how to take care of your nails by applying some protective coats to help your nails regenerate faster.

7. Protect your hands

Whenever you’re about to get your hands dirty, you should always put on some rubber gloves. Whether you’re out in the garden or simply washing up the dishes, you must take all necessary precautions to protect your hands (and, by extension, your nails). Also, don’t forget to wear gloves during the colder months of the year – you want to avoid dealing unnecessary damage to your nails.


8. Watch your diet

Your nails, just like the rest of your body, can be affected either positively or negatively by the food that you eat. It might be a good idea to supplement your diet with some Vitamin E and fish oil, as well as protein-rich products such as beans and fish. You’ll be rewarded with healthier and stronger nails in no time.

Do you follow any of these tips? What other top tips do you have for how to take care of your nails? Share them with us below!

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