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Top 10 Things To Do In Moscow

Top 10 Things To Do In Moscow

This is the list of things to do in Moscow that you totally have to check out if you're going to be traveling in the area.

Are you considering visiting Moscow or are already on your way? Having a hard time deciding what to do and where to go? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Moscow is a fascinating city with so many exciting things to offer, so no wonder you might be struggling with figuring out exactly what to spend your time on. Here’s our list of the top 10 (tourist) things to do in Moscow:

1. Take a tube ride

Seriously, a tube ride? That’s right! The Moscow underground isn’t your average dirty, dusty, and loud collection of intertwining and confusing tunnels. It’s a work of art before anything else. The majority of the central stations are luxuriously decorated in a variety of architectural styles and a lot of them also commemorate important events from the country’s history. This is one of the best things to do in Moscow.


2. Discover that the Red Square…

… isn’t actually red. Don’t worry, there’s a reason for this. The Russian word for “red” used to mean “beautiful”, which is why back when the square was constructed, it was technically just called a beautiful square. Sure, it’s a huge letdown, but don’t let yourself get discouraged; instead, just check out the local food and crafts stalls that pop up throughout the year.

3. Attend a ballet performance at the Bolshoi

You may have heard of the Bolshoi Theatre – it’s one of Russia’s most iconic theatres and is renowned worldwide for its incredible ballet. What better place to get closer to this fascinating art form if not at this incredible theatre. It has recently undergone reconstruction, which has made it even more stunning.


4. Tour the Kremlin

Despite popular belief, the Kremlin is actually open to the public – you are more than welcome to embark on an exciting tour of this magnificent structure. Discover the life that Russian royalty used to lead as you make your way throughout seemingly endless rooms full of incredible riches. It’s easily one of the most fascinating places in Earth.


5. Go on a boat trip

Admittedly, Moscow is not a city of canals like Saint-Petersburg, but it’s still worth going on a boat trip around the capital. That way you’ll be able to see all of the most important landmarks while you relax on deck and enjoy a delicious meal. I would highly recommend an evening tour, which will unveil Moscow’s more romantic side.

6. Climb the Ostankino Tower

Discover the city from a new perspective as you climb the 540 metre (120 floor) television and radio tower known as Ostankino. It’ll make for an exciting trip where you’ll be able to experience breathtaking views of the capital. Let’s just hope that you’re not afraid of heights.


7. Take cute photos at the Moscow Zoo

Have you ever heard of a Pallas cat? Well guess what – you can see one at the Moscow Zoo! These adorable felines are not the only cute critters that inhabit this place. You can come face with to face with the likes of polar bears and red pandas, which also means that you can take lots of memorable photos with these lovely animals. This is a total must forĀ things to do in Moscow.

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8. Admire Moscow State University

We all know that the UK has tons of beautiful universities that can easily rival any in the world, but let’s not forget about another incredible university building – the Moscow State. This astounding structure is one of seven constructions that are dotted around the city. It’s also located right next to the capital’s most popular viewing platform, so be sure to bring your camera.


9. Explore the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Even if you’re not religious, you can’t deny that places of worship are usually located in some of the most astounding buildings. Considered to be Russia’s most sacred place, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is one of the centres of Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe. Be sure to explore the beauty that lies hidden within – we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

10. Marvel at the Borodino Panorama

Depicting one of the most iconic battles in the entirety of Russia’s history, the Borodino Panorama Museum is definitely worth a visit next time you’re in Moscow. The fascinating painting is cleverly merged with hyperrealistic props, which makes it seem as though the illustrations are coming to life all around you. You have to be sure this is one of theĀ things to do in Moscow you mark off.


Have you been to any of these iconic places in Moscow? What are your favourite things to do in Moscow? Comment below!
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