Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

Florence Welch is ethereal in all things, but in fashion especially. You need to see these top ten style moments and admire them in awe!

Forest nymph, river goddess, celestial being, ethereal, brilliant, out-of-this-world Florence Welch (AKA Florence from Florence + The Machine) is all these things in spirit and in style, too. Florence Welch has had many, many, many incredible fashion moments. Pretty much every Instagram shot she posts is showcasing her vintage-boho chic sensibilities. But we’re going to narrow it down to a top ten; so sorry to the outfits that miss out, but these are the best of Florence’s best.

1. 2010’s Blue Dress

Back when Florence was still finding her definitive sense of fashion, at a time when fashion was kinda a mess, she still served us an ethereal goddess look. This blue dress is a vibrant silky number with giant floral decorations around the waist and on the shoulders. In theory, awful, but on Florence? Phenomenal, and pivotal in steering us towards what we’re used to seeing her in today.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

2. 2011’s Swan Dress

It’s sheer in a way that heralds in Florence’s future era of nightgowns and sleepwear, and has that ultra bold applique that’s super vintage in appearance. This Givenchy dress is beautiful and magical in a way that perfectly embodies Flo and her music!

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

3. 2014’s Met Gala Coat

The dress is okay. But the coat! Girl, we died. This is a collision of fabric and fur and colour pulled together in this Valentino Couture outfit, and delivered to us the kind of out-of-the-box looks we love Florence for.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

4. 2016’s Silk Dress

Worn to the BRIT awards, this Calvin Klein silk gown perfectly captures that other-worldly energy that is Florence. This silk dress is the perfect colour and the matching shawl is what elevates this dress, among all her silk dresses, to utter perfection.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

5. 2018’s Sheer Lace Dress

Although Florence’s most recent tour has featured a slew of sheer nightwear and gowns, this one is a level above the usual stunning looks. This dress honours Florence’s ultra-boho vibes with mutton sleeves, lace trimmings, and delicate embroidery. Plus the bare feet are quintessentially Florence. Thank you, Gucci, for bringing Flo’s essence into her stage looks.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

6. 2015’s Boho Cowboy Chic

This dusky Chanel two-piece brings together two different worlds and transforms them into one. From the colour to the wide-legged pants, this look is utterly cool.

Props to Florence Welch for being able to pull off a wide brim hat + western boots without it looking like a cowboy.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

7. 2012’s Ombre Dress

This dress is all soft and gloomy with some very vintage touches. The floral embroidery on the dress, as well as the fringed shawl, combine to deliver one of Florence’s most stand-out dresses of all time.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

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8. 2016’s Blue Ruffled Dress

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how beautiful Florence looks in this Gucci dress, but we’ll give it a go – ethereal, heavenly, oceanic, diaphanous, exquisite!

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

9. 2019’s Gucci Jewellery Shoot

Like, literally the entire shoot. Gucci and Florence were a match made in heaven – and the designer brand certainly nailed Florence’s style on the head. From witch-y capes to beaded gowns, to sheer layers, they know exactly what Flo is all about.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

10. 2019’s Met Gala Outfit

When everyone else was serving us… nothing (with the exception of a few, re: Billy Porter), Florence delivered stunning results with her own take on the ‘Camp’ theme.

The layers, the colours, the textures, the dress, the boned corset, the wings, the cape – this is one unforgettable style moment that lesbians (or just me) will be pinning on our walls like a 14yo girl with a Zac Efron poster in 2006.

Top Ten Florence Welch Style Moments

Can you pick a fave Florence outfit? Tell us about it in the comments!

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