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Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

Looking for a new teen show to binge watch? Check out these 6 UK-based TV shows about teenage life that will keep you hooked!

The holiday season is coming up, which means there’s plenty of free time to enjoy a good TV teen show. Especially if it’s about teenage relationships and high-school drama. Here are 6 British TV series about teens to binge-watch this summer.

1. Misfits

It’s quite tough really to attribute this teen show to a single genre. It’s a bit of drama, a bit of fantasy, a bit of dark humor. The plot is concerned with the lives of five young adults bound by a common vow to keep their secret quiet. The scene is set in the suburbs of London, where Nathan, Kelly, Simon, Curtis, and Alisha get assigned to do community service for minor non-violent crimes together. They are not friends – they have nothing in common. One day, after a severe storm, they all get weird superpowers that suspiciously fit the distinct personality traits of each character. But every ‘gift’ comes with a baggage of problems and the teenagers must solve them all together.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

2. My Mad Fat Diary

Ray is sixteen years old. She is chubby, constantly confused and been recently checked out of a mental hospital. Ray wants to find true love and be loved in return. She wants her strict mother to stop patronizing her and she can’t stand her mum’s new lover, Karim. Ray wants to make a good impression on her peers and gain popularity. But more than anything in this life, Ray wants to start a new life from scratch. Can she do it? You have to wait and see! P.S. The show is set in the 90s so be ready to listen to some quality tunes.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

3. Fresh Meat

Starring Jack Whitehall and Joe Thomas, the comedy tv series tells a story about a group of students who just entered university. They are faced with being on their own so far from home for the first time, living in a new place with a bunch of absolute strangers and having to solve adult problems. Not everyone is ready for such an independent lifestyle. They are to find out who they really are, make friends, interact with teachers and create bonds.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

4. The End Of The F***ing World

It’s probably one of the most popular Netflix teen shows of 2017. It’s a sad and touching story about two weird, quirky juveniles who just don’t really fit it, but they find each other. James is a psychopath and Alyssa is a fussy and hyperactive newest girl at school, who keeps telling everyone that she hates this world and everything about it. They decide to steal a car and run away from home to find Alyssa’s father. As they are crossing the country, a series of bizarre events are taking place, which leads the characters to discover things they never anticipated to discover.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

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5. As If

It’s a teen show about a group of friends and their complicated relationships. Jamie and Sooz are best friends, Jamie is in love with Nicki, Sooz is in love with Rob, Rob is in love with Alex, Nikki is in love with everyone, and Alex is gay. Can it get more complex than this? Every episode is a first-person narrative about from one of the main characters’ perspective. This way the viewer can understand their behavior better and find their stories more relatable.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

6. This Is England

It’s summer of 1983 and the school is over. 12-year-old Shawn is a lonely boy who lives in a dreary town; his father died during the Falklands War. After wandering around the streets for some time, Shawn finds new friends, local teenage skinheads, and opens up the world of parties, alcohol, weird fashion choices and first love.

Top 6 Teen Drama TV Shows Set In The UK

What is your favorite British Teen Show? Share in the comments!

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