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Top 15 Study Apps For Students That Everyone In College Should Have

Top 15 Study Apps For Students That Everyone In College Should Have

Mobile apps are meant to make our lives easier, but you are not ready for the advantages of study apps. All students should give in to the power study apps.

Mobile applications are meant to make our lives easier, but you are not ready for the advantages of study apps. Everyone in college should give in to the power study apps will have on their well-being, grades, and overall organizational skills. College students are facing pressures from all sides: keeping up with classes and deadlines, having a social life and living within health standards. Calling out all college students, please accept this helping hand via helpful study apps that you should all have. 

1. Brainscape

When you got to college, you probably know what works for you by now and what specific studying method is the most effective for you. Based on cognitive scientific research, the method of flashcards is the most effective for students. 

Brainscape is a study app that provides modern flashcard technology where you can create your flashcards. Brainscape also offers the opportunity to browse through thousands of subjects and pre-made flashcards. 


2. Chegg® Books

You arrive at college. You plan to live on a budget. But when you get to class, and you get the list of all the books you are supposed to buy, you realize it will not be that easy. 

 Chegg® Books is one of the Chegg study apps that help out students. This particular ‘Books’ version saves broke students. You can order your books via this app, and you don’t have to pay the full price. The quality of the book will not change; just the content of your wallet will not be that depressing. 


You can track the status of your order as well. 

3. Oxford Dictionary

A dictionary app is one of the most basic study apps, but the most vital one. The amount of hours students spend on googling the meaning of words, synonyms, etc., can be reduced thanks to the Oxford Dictionary app. 

Having it on your phone will make your library sessions that much enjoyable and you will not have to switch in between tabs on your computer. 


4. Duolingo

If you are one of the overachievers and you like to fill your spare time with productive work such as learning a foreign language, try Duolingo. 

Study apps like Duolingo make a hard task like learning a new language a fun experience. You will get to learn how to read, write and speak, all in one app.

5. EasyBib

Okay, let’s be real for one second. Writing an essay or assignment is one thing, but making sure the references add up is a whole another story. 


The most dreaded aspect of written coursework is citing your words and researching where your research even came from. The magic technology of study apps with EasyBib will save you hours. It includes multiple citation styles. 

6. Microsoft Office Mobile 

This application is more of a helpful tool than a study app. Most of the time, all of the studying material is done on Microsoft Office. Imagine having all Microsoft Office software like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel within reach like on your phone. It makes everything that much accessible, wherever you go. 


7. Evernote

Taking notes is essential for all college students, no matter what major you’re doing. Therefore this is the study app for all of you. 

Evernote will help you store all your research, data, class notes and it will sync your computer with your other devices. It will also save the environment when you think of it. You will not have to flip through stacks of your notes, with Evernote you will have everything in one place. 


With all this interconnectedness of the Internet, we are all guilty of procrastination, more than any generation before us. You can be doing a paper on your computer, but your focus is always disrupted with notification popping up on your phone screen and even on your laptop. 


OFFTIME will help to disconnect with the ability to block websites, text messages, phone calls, and other notifications. Set your timer on OFFTIME and get to work without any distractions. 

9. Todoist

The key to a productive study session is organization. Having some system in your workload is something worth mastering. 

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Todoist is a to-do list app to manage all your tasks, pinpoint all your deadlines and create all sorts of subsections. Todoist also has a solution for team players that like to see how others are doing. You can track the progress of other people, like your classmates. 

10. Google Drive

The biggest nightmare of any student is losing your work when your computer crashes. The good old Google Drive always saves the day. It stores all your work even when you are not on your device; you can access it wherever. 


11. Grammarly

Even though all of our devices are flooded with Grammarly ads, I still need stress the perks of this study app. It will act as your writing assistant and it will alert you when you are missing a comma or should use a different phrase. 

It will be like writing with someone looking over your shoulder, and it does make your writing a lot better. 

12. StudyBuddy

Not the study buddy you are thinking of. The study app StudyBuddy will keep you in check. It will hold you accountable by showing how much time you’re spending on your breaks etc. It also reminds you to cut your break short if you are taking too long. 


13. SimpleMind

If you are one of the visual learners, SimpleMind is the study app for you. It will be your graphic organizer that will help create your mind maps and brainstorm ideas by sketching them down. 

14. Dragon Anywhere

When writing gets too time-consuming, try dictating your notes and ideas with Dragon Anywhere. You can use your voice for note-taking, especially helpful for journalism majors. 

15. Wolfram Alpha 

Always looking for answers, checking if the result of your complex math problem is correct? Wolfram Alpha will give you all the answers. Predominantly helpful for math and science students. 


Without what study apps wouldn’t you be able to live without at college? Share in the comments. 

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