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Top 7 Places To Visit If You Go To Dublin, Ireland

Top 7 Places To Visit If You Go To Dublin, Ireland

Top 7 Places To Visit If You Go To Dublin, Ireland

Dia duit, travelers, may God be with you on your journey! One of the first things you’ll be sure to notice in Dublin (and in the Republic of Ireland in general) is that there is the Irish word for things, and then the English word. If you take a bus for example (which you likely will) you’ll hear the intercom speak twice, keeping the Irish language alive. 

Most people in the city will be friendly and not difficult to understand whatsoever, but once you leave Dublin you may begin to notice that accents get a little thicker,  but they are as hospitable as any person you’ll meet anywhere.

From an arcade bar to a potato-chip theme park, Dublin and the surrounding area has a lot to offer. Here are seven things that’ll be sure to keep you busy on your visit.


1. Museums and Tours

If you’re looking for an educational rip-roarin’, good ol’ museum time, Dublin is not without its options. There’s Dublinia, the interactive museum that gives the town’s history since the Vikings; Killmanheim Gaol, the prison that held the rebels from Easter Rising; the National Gallery of Ireland for art, a Dublin Writers Museum, and of course, plenty of beer and whiskey tours to boot. There’s even an actual leprechaun museum, too! Not to mention, that you can take a bus tour from Dublin to just about anywhere in Ireland, which I highly recommend you do.

2. Cliffs of Moher

Behold! The cliffs of insanity!!

Okay, not exactly, but when you find yourself on a bus tour out to see the Cliffs of Moher, you will absolutely feel like you’ve reached peak Princess Bride, surrounded by lush green rolling hills and step gorgeous cliffs, plummeting to the oceans below.


Now, there aren’t any fences on the very edge of the cliffs, so you just have to keep your respectful distance from the edge and mother nature will have you.

I cannot stress this enough: Do not be that guy who wants to do a handstand at the edge. All the Instagram fame in the world isn’t worth it.

3. Giants Causeway

Another moment straight out of a fairytale.


While the Irish may have an affinity for faerie folk and little people, Giants Causeway looks as though much bigger beings left behind stones to build themselves a path. It’s a fun time, climbing over this amazing landmark, and as long as you watch your step, should be a safe and fun space to take selfies to your heart’s content.

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4. The Book of the Kells and Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin is host to one of the world’s oldest and most treasured medieval manuscripts, The Book of The Kells. Take a tour through the history and meaning of this ancient treasure and then find yourself in one of the most impressive libraries in the world. 


5. St Patrick’s Cathedral

Ireland is full of beautiful cathedrals and old buildings, but:

6. Shopping Spots

If you’re hoping to get some shopping done while in Dublin, never fear, there’s plenty available for you to come and see. Whether it’s in George’s Street Arcade or down Grafton Street, you’ll find yourself surrounded by all sorts of boutiques and shops. If you’re looking for something touristy, the closer you get to Trinity College the closer you’ll find all kinds of places that sell Dublin sweatshirts, jewelry, bottled liquor, and as many keyrings and Kiss-Me-I’m-Irish monogrammed things as your heart desires.

7.Night Life

There are many, many pubs in Dublin and across Ireland that you can experience in one way or another, whether it’s through tours and pub crawls or just getting with your mates at a local place you found online. Even if you don’t drink, it’s worth experiencing a pub at least once: you can always go for the food, a pub quiz, or a specific comedy or musical act. They’re the heart of Irish culture, and a great way to explore Dublin once the rest of the island has gone to sleep.


Whatever you end up doing, you’re bound to have a blast. What are you most excited about seeing when you visit Dublin?

Slán agat! 

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