Top 6 Limerick Pubs You NEED To Visit

It’s not hard to believe that Limerick is home to some of the best pubs. However, there are so many Limerick pubs, how do you know which ones are the best? Look no further. Keep reading for the top six Limerick pubs you NEED to visit if you are in the area!

The Red Hen is one of the best Limerick pubs I've ever been to!

1. The Red Hen

Located on Patrick’s Street in the City Centre, the Red Hen is a great spot for a casual few drinks. If you’re looking for somewhere with a friendly atmosphere and cosy interior then look no further as this is the perfect option.




2. Charlie’s

Tired from a hard day of shopping? Why not pop into Charlie’s during Happy Hour for 2 for 1 on their cocktails – anything from Sex on the Beach to Margaritas.



3. Nancy’s

Located where the majority of Limerick nightlife can be found – the Denmark/Robert Street area. A good place to find traditional music and if you just want to enjoy some ‘sociables’. Often over 23, so it’s a good choice for the older spectrum of the generation.



4. The Locke Bar

This bar is located across the river but does excellent food and has a relaxed atmosphere to go with it. If it’s ‘pub grub’ that you’re after then head to the Locke Bar to enjoy some good, reasonably priced food and have a pint or two to wash it down.



5. The Stables Club

If you’re a UL student and don’t want to venture too far from home then there’s always the classic choice of the Stables for a bit more of an exciting pub experience on a Wednesday night or head down on a Tuesday for €3 pints.





6. Costello’s

Or fondly known as Costie’s. This is the place to go if you want to go out but you can’t be bothered with the effort of going out if you know what I mean. Upstairs– you will find a DJ on student nights which adds to the very fun atmosphere inside there.



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