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Top 8 Home Decor Brands To Be On The Lookout For

Top 8 Home Decor Brands To Be On The Lookout For

Here are a few home decor brands that you need to check out while decorating your home or apartment. These brands will have you feeling more at home.

Decorating your house and making it a home is rarely an easy job – you have to find the best possible items that will suit your needs and give the place its unique feel. So how do you go about transforming your house into something special? It’s best to start with trusted brands that will provide you with everything that you could possibly want. Here are our top 8 home decor brands that you should be on the lookout for.

1. Sass and Belle

Committed to creating adorable yet affordable home decor items, Sass and Belle offer incredibly cozy products that will instantly transform your house into a home. With lots of colour and quirky designs, this home decor brand is the perfect place to look for modern, girly additions to your flat. We think that they’re particularly good at nailing that cozy bedroom design that everyone loves.

2. Zurleys

Who could’ve guessed that vintage designs could come at an affordable price! Thanks to Zurleys, you are now able to decorate your home with gorgeous retro decor items that won’t break the bank. Some of our personal favourites include their stunning two-drawer tables that will brighten up your bedroom in no time.


3. Blue Suntree

Vintage décor items are great, but let’s not forget about what contemporary designs can do for our homes. Blue Suntree is a home decor brand that focuses on creating practical and exciting items that will transform your house into a modern-day dream. Their industrial collection in particular offers lots of incredible recreations of popular mid-century styles.

4. Made+Good

A fantastic showcase of British-made, independent designer items, Made+Good is definitely one of our favourite home decor brands. Committed to providing their customers with unique solutions to their homes, this brand creates functional items that will complement any type of home. They deserve a lot of credit for the beauty of their unique, hand-crafted products.

5. Persora

If you’re not quite sure how to decorate your home and want some inspiration, then Persora is the perfect place to start. This fantastic home decor brand offers a wide range of styles that will help you customise your home and make it completely unique. They’ve even got some safari-themed items for those of your that are looking for something a bit more exotic.

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6. Anthropologie

It turns out that Anthropologie isn’t just a clothing designer – they also produce stunning bohemian-style home decor items. They’ve got everything from beds and dressers to tableware and bedding, so you’ll be able to upgrade your house in no time. Their amazing eye for style and luxury makes Anthropologie one of the best home decor brands we know of.

7. Maisons du Monde

The name of this home decor brand speaks for itself – Maisons du Monde offers a wide range of designs that come from all over the world. Mix and match your favourite styles to create a unique home unlike any other with this brand’s jaw-dropping range of items. One of their most recent creations is the Deep Velvet collection that features bold colours to die for.


8. Pentreath and Hall

The best way to describe this home decor brand is to call it a treasure chest because you never know what you’re going to find there. Stocking a mesmerising range of all things beautiful, Pentreath and Hall is certainly worth being on the lookout for. If you’re after a quirky yet beautiful décor item for your home, then this brand is definitely the place to start.

Which of these home decor brands is your favourite? What kind of designs do you like to use in your homes? Share your inspirations with us below!

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