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Top Five Budget APPS Every University Student Needs

Top Five Budget APPS Every University Student Needs

Are you a university student on a budget? If so, here are my top budget apps every university student needs to get downloading right now.

It’s no secret that at times budgeting can be difficult, especially as a uni student. However, with the help of these top five budget apps, you are sure to be cutting back the costs and growing that bank account!

1. Pocketbook app

With the help of pocketbook app, your budget is all sorted for you. The app features a range of helpful budget tools; like allowing you to synchronise your bank account within just sixty seconds after signing up,¬†auto categories which divides your spending to see where your cash is going, bill and spending limit alerts, automatic adding of transactions, as well as a manual transaction function via mobile photos and geolocation for transactions paid in cash, and safely spend budgeting limit, which keeps your spending within your budget. This app even gives you weekly budget summaries so, you’re sure not to fall behind on that budget.

2. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker App

Weighing up your income with your expenses can be difficult at times, and may even get you wondering if your budgeting correctly to pay those bills. Thanks to the help of spendee budget & money tracker, you can view both your expenses and income, easily using infographics to visually compare the two. Along with this, amongst its many budget features within the app such as budget categories and goals to mention just a couple, what I love most is that you can plan ahead for seasonal periods with custom wallets, designed to store savings for special events, such as the Christmas budget. You can even share these wallets with others, so if you and your housemates are budgeting for your end of term party, then you can all start contributing to the shared budget.


3. Splitwise

If you’re forever going over your share of the household budget because your housemate forgets to pay up in time, or always gets you to cover their share of the budget, but never pays you back when promised, then you need to get downloading the split wise app. This app allows you to evenly split all your bills as well as IOUs, so no housemate has any excuse for not paying their share of the household expenses on time. The great thing about this app is that not only does every one of your housemates have access to it the same way you do, but everyone can add expenses, meaning the budget isn’t just left to one person. So, if the door handle suddenly falls off from the bathroom door, you guessed it all your housemates get notified of the repair costs.

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4. Travel Cash Tracker

During university, you may be fortunate enough to travel for a study program and although, this is a super fun experience there is sure some hefty budgeting involved. With the help of the travel cash tracker app, you can stay on top of your travel budget. This app allows you to put in your travel dates and money to calculate how much money you can freely spend a day, whilst away, to ensure your money is divided to last you the whole trip. Your travel budget is literally planned out for you; this is sure a budget app every traveling student needs to get their hands on.


5. Budget Planner

When you’re busy with studies and everything in between it can be hard to budget for that very moment let alone the future. The budget planner is an app that can assist you with future savings, this app has been designed to show you what you will have left in your bank account in upcoming months, and can simply do this through information provided via your bills, expenses, financial income and current bank balance. Along with this, they have a warning system put into place to make you aware of your finances if need be, to help avoid you getting into financial strife.

There you have it my top five budgeting apps every university student needs to stay on top of their budget. Know of any other budget apps I haven’t included, I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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