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Top Eco-Friendly Home Items You Need For Your Flat

Top Eco-Friendly Home Items You Need For Your Flat

These eco-friendly home items are great for your home decor search. These items will make your place feel more like home while being Eco friendly.

Everyone’s slowly getting into recycling and other good habits that can help us save the environment, but why not do even more for the planet? It turns out that there are tons of eco-friendly home items products for sale that will enable you to reduce your diminish footprint and reduce waste. Check out our top picks for the best eco-friendly home items that you need for your flat.

1. Biodegradable food waste bags

We use a ridiculous amount of plastic garbage bags every year, which is a terrible waste that could easily be avoided. By using biodegradable food waste bags, you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of plastic that you are forced to recycle every week. They’re made from 100% corn starch and are approved for food waste recycling in most UK councils.

2. Rechargeable batteries

We all know that regular batteries are extremely toxic and very difficult to recycle. Unfortunately the majority of them ends up in landfills, which causes tremendous soil and water pollution. Luckily, there is an easy way to avoid this problem thanks to rechargeable batteries. These eco-friendly home items option can be charged up to 1000 cycles, which greatly reduces battery waste.


3. Shower timer

Spending lots of time in the shower under soothing hot water can be very pleasant, but it can also be damaging to the environment. Indulging in long showers uses up excessive amount of water and heating, which not only increases your monthly bills but also wastes valuable resources. A great solution to this problem is an eco-friendly shower timer that will help you monitor how long you spend in the shower, in turn allowing you to cut down on heating and water usage.

4. Stainless steel water bottle

That’s right, even something as simple as a reusable water bottle can help you reduce your ecological footprint. By investing into a stainless steel drinks container, you’ll be encouraged to stop buying plastic bottles every time you walk into a shop. This product isn’t even expensive and can hold both hot and cold beverages for you to enjoy all day long.

5. Recycled toilet roll

Even though we cannot avoid this necessary human need, we can avoid the amount of toilet roll that we waste on a daily basis. All you have to do is switch to recycled toilet roll that is often made either out of 100% cellulose, recycled paper fibres, bamboo, or sugarcane. By doing so you’ll be reducing carbon emissions, deforestation, and saving more water. It’s a very simple solution that everyone should adopt.

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6. Reusable food wraps

An incredible alternative to plastic food wraps are reusable ones that are made out of beeswax. There are many reusable food wraps on the market, but our personal favourite are the Wrappy Bee ones, which are completely handmade, plastic-free, washable, reusable, and organic. This almost sounds too good to be true! Why not get hold of some next time you need to wrap up and preserve some food.

7. Pens made from recycled water bottles

We constantly throw away used up plastic pens, which inevitably increases plastic waste and therefore damages the environment. There is an eco-friendly alternative that everyone should consider switching to – pens made from recycled water bottles, otherwise known as B2P pens (bottle to pen). They perform just as well as regular pens but are infinitely better for the environment.


8. Reusable cotton napkins

Why use paper napkins every time you sit down to eat when you could use eco-friendly cotton napkins instead? Not only do they look and feel much better than their paper cousins, but they’re also much more environmentally-friendly. Just don’t forget to dry them on low heat to prevent them from shrinking.

Have you ever heard of any of these eco-friendly home items? What other sustainable products do you use at home? Share your experience with us below!

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