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Top 10 Benefits Of A Juice Cleanse

Top 10 Benefits Of A Juice Cleanse

It's a well known fact that a juice cleanse can give a variety of fantastic benefits, inside and out. But just what exactly can they do?

It’s a well-known fact that a juice cleanse can give a variety of fantastic benefits. You’ve probably heard most of the big Instagram accounts that you follow, rave about how amazing a juice cleanse can be at least once. It is true that they can be great for you inside and out, but just what exactly can they do? Here are the top ten benefits that people have experienced thanks to a juice cleanse!

1. Lose weight

Possibly the biggest reason a lot of people try a juice cleanse is that juice cleanses can help you lose weight. It is, of course, true that if you stop eating and instead simply drink healthy juices, you will lose weight. However, it’s important to make sure you’re very careful and don’t over-do it and also don’t lose weight and then go and pile it all back on after the cleanse. Be sensible about it and you will likely get some great results.

2. Can help stop cravings

We all have our weaknesses, for me its doughnuts and iced coffees. If you’re looking to try and get out of the habit of that daily iced coffee, why not give a juice cleanse a go? It doesn’t just cleanse your body, but can also cleanse your mind and stop you from giving into that naughty daily craving – and in turn, this will help you lose weight too!


3. Stops you from getting dehydrated

We all have such busy and chaotic lives these days, it can be hard to remember to get your eight glasses of water in throughout the day. However, doing a juice cleanse will really keep the water flowing and prevent you from suffering from dehydration. Remember, as soon as you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!

4. Helps clear skin

It is a well-known fact that keeping really hydrated can help you keep your skin clear and glow-y, so drinking plenty of juice filled with vitamins and minerals will really help you keep your skin bright and blemish-free. Why not give a juice cleanse a go if you’re suffering with your skin?

5. Boost your energy

Balancing school, work and home life at this time of year can be so tiring. But with a juice that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, this can really boost your energy. Why not give it a shot if you’re struggling in the energy department at the moment? Ditch the energy drink and push through your revision sessions with a juice cleanse!


6. Boost your immune system

Who wants to be ill over summer? I know I don’t. If you’re specifically trying to avoid getting ill, fight an oncoming cold, or if you suffer with a low immune system, pack your system full of vitamins and minerals and flush those germs right out of your body with a juice cleanse.

7. Give your stomach a break

We all eat so many carbs and so much fast and fatty foods these days and this can make life really hard on our stomachs – we just weren’t built to eat the way that most of us do. So why not really break it down for your stomach (literally) and try out a juice cleanse? This can also help if you’re suffering with acid-reflux, indigestion and bloating. In particular, try juices with ginger or peppermint for digestive issues.

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8. Help eliminate foods that are upsetting your stomach

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, not only can a juice cleanse help settle things, but by slowly re-introducing foods after a juice cleanse, this can help you to figure out what exactly it is that is causing your issues. So many of us suffer with intolerances, be it gluten, dairy or more uncommon intolerances such as tomatoes, caffeine etc. Try a juice cleanse to help you figure it out.

9. Give your liver a break

Just like your stomach, when you’re eating, your liver is always working away – often going without any thanks. So, give your liver some time out to rest and instead feed it some of the good stuff that you can get in a really good juice cleanse.

10. Help reduce inflammation

With inflammation-related conditions becoming more and more common in young people in the Western world, juice cleanses have been shown to help with all kinds of inflammation. Choose a juice with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, ginger or pineapple and flood your system with the good stuff.


So, there really are a wide variety of benefits to trying a juice cleanse, and this isn’t even it! There are many other benefits to juice cleanses, do some research for yourself to find out more. Plus, they can be so tasty! There are some fantastic juice recipes out there. Why not give one a go and let us know in the comments how you get on?

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