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Top 10 Reasons Why Being An Adult Isn’t So Bad

Top 10 Reasons Why Being An Adult Isn’t So Bad

You're an adult which means the end of the carefree & easy life you've been living so far, right? Here's reasons why being an adult isn't so bad after all.

The birthday candles have been blown out and the cocktails have been drunk. After partying the night away you wake up to the harsh truth. You are now officially an adult. And that means the end of the carefree and easy life you’ve been living so far, right? Wrong! It’s not all doom and gloom. Adults can have fun too, in fact some would argue that we have even more fun than you young ones do. Here are the top ten reasons why being an adult isn’t so bad after all.

1. You discover the freedom of travelling without your family.

Whether it’s jetting to the other side of the world or exploring your home country, there is a new found sense of freedom that comes with planning your own trip and an even bigger sense of accomplishment when you make it there and back without any major disasters!


2. Doing nothing all day is acceptable, kind of.

When you were a kid, you were constantly being dragged along to places you didn’t want to go. Suddenly it’s perfectly okay to sit and binge watch a whole series on Netflix. Totally guilt free.

3. Being able to express yourself.

Fancy that new hair trend that everyone is going on about? Go for it! Being an adult means being able to “find the true you” as cliché as it sounds.



4. Trying new things.

See that bucket list you made when you were 16 but never got round to starting? There’s no time like the present so go skydiving or learn to salsa dance. You never know you might even have fun.

5. You are legally allowed to get a tattoo.

You’ve seen all the “cool kids” on Instagram and Pinterest getting the most elaborate designs inked into their skin and you kind of want to try it too. Well now you can!


6. People actually take you seriously.

Kids are constantly being looked down upon as inferior to adults or just being inexperienced. Well now you’re a fully fledged adult you can prove them all wrong. Go you!

7. Organising or disorganising your own time.

Remember when you had to be in class at 9am everyday? Not anymore. As an adult you can work from your own schedule and you’ll wonder how you ever lived as a child.

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8. Making your own food choices.

Being an adult means being able to to make an Instagram worthy #CleanEating avocado breakfast but also having a tub of Ben and Jerry’s to yourself and feeling totally happy about it. I mean no one’s judging.

9. Not all guys are an d***s anymore.

There are nice guys out there when you venture beyond the school walls. I promise you, they do exist!


10. Most of the time you don’t feel any older.

Being an adult doesn’t be boring and after all, age is just a number. We’re all young at heart!

What are other reasons why being an adult isn’t so bad? Share in the comments below!
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