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To The City That Will Always Have My Heart: London

To The City That Will Always Have My Heart: London


London has been called many things throughout the years; The Big Stink, The Big Smoke, The Great Wren… none of which install images of beauty when uttered aloud. So, it comes as a surprise to some that so many of us have such a love affair with this big, loud and sometimes (dare I say it) crass city. But yet I know in my heart I’ll never feel the same way living anywhere else in the world as I do now.

I came to the city almost 5 years ago. London always represented a sense of opportunity and freedom to me, a place that I could be right in the middle of everything I’d seen on the T.V. growing up. Among everything else; a place I could find and reinvent myself. I was instantly taken back by the noise, the constant lights glowing into the sky. I was instantly hooked on the city, and as years went by I found more and more things to love every day.

All over the city there are museums, film houses, theatres, restaurants, shops, markets; each with their own themes and quirks, there are countless ways to fill your day’s in London. On top of this are the many career opportunities; huge international businesses through to the small independent firms, giving everyone the chance to find themselves a career that they can grow and love. London has nurtured my passions, and allowed me to see that any dream I have can be feasible and achievable; I can really be who I want to be here.


London is also a hugely diverse community; Gay, Straight, Black, White, Christian, Muslim… any creed of person lives within this city, and for the most everybody coexists. Since moving, I’ve met a huge variety of types of people, and learnt so much about how others live and, in a way, I think this has changed me and my outlook on the world.

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In all, London keeps suppling a Love affair that just never ends. London accepted who I was. I changed into who I am today. My time in London will remain the greatest of my life. The years of joy, sadness and the successes and failures the city has shared with me is why London will always have my heart.

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