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To All Men: Here’s How To Look Good At Music Festivals

To All Men: Here’s How To Look Good At Music Festivals

Looking for some music festivals style tips for guys? Our guide will help you embrace the festival spirit whilst remaing stylish and put together.

Broadly speaking, there are often two categories that men usually fall into when comes it to dressing for festivals. The first is entirely underdressing and turning up in a plain tee-shirt or vest (often discarded at an early point during music festivals) and jeans/jean shorts, or on the polar end, rave club wear ranging from neon mesh to futuristic psychedelic prints. Avoiding these style disasters for the upcoming festival season is key. You’d of course do well to embrace the looser style rules of festivals and opt for more funky pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily wear on a daily basis as part of your summer wardrobe, but pieces that aren’t too far off your own personal style.

Festival style guides are usually catered to women, listing denim cut-offs and anything and everything bohemian leaving little advice out there for the guys. Problems of fashion disasters usual arise from a lack of guidance. Here’s a guide revealing some things you should try at music festivals and some things to steer clear of.

Try a printed or patterned shirt

Printed or patterned shirts are a great summer essential to add some fun to your look and music festivals are the perfect setting to wear them out. Be careful to pick shirts that aren’t so outrageously bold in their print that you’ll find unlikely to wear again, leaving them to be wasted in the darkness inside your closet. Shirts with vertical stripes tend to do the trick if you aren’t massively invested in going for a statement look, but with that being said, don’t be afraid of the bolder prints. It’s good to change it up once in a while and music festivals give you an occasion to try pieces that are a little more out there without looking out of place (if done well and stylishly).


Try this one:

A pair of shades are key

Sunglasses become a part of your everyday routine during the summer, throwing them on every morning should become habitual. The rules don’t change for music festivals. Sunglasses have that oh so amazing power to elevate any look to add that sense of effortless cool whilst at the same time making you look more put together. For a festival, maybe try a more trendy pair of coloured shades.


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Avoid all sleeveless vests

Personally, I believe that no sleeveless vests should ever be worn out as a top in itself. Huge fashion faux pas. The impression you create can be a sloppy and lazy one when it looks like you’re only half dressed or either about to head to the gym which is not a look that you’re going for at a music festival. Perhaps the worst kind are the vests with low cut sides and is the style to avoid at all costs. Seriously.


Invest in a waterproof jacket

Particularly with festivals in England, the weather isn’t always on our side so a lightweight waterproof jacket is an absolute necessity in case of any downpours. Opt for more neutral colours for your outerwear to ensure that it matches any outfit you throw it over.

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Be prepared to get your shoes dirty

There’s simply no way to avoid it. Whether it’s because of mud or dust, your footwear will be battered by the end of the festival. Whilst the aim of the game is to stay stylish no matter what, there’s no use bringing your new white Common Projects trainers or your favourite pair of Yeezys to the festival. Opt for trainers that you won’t mind getting a little trashed or are at least easy to clean like Vans or Converses. Their mid-range prices mean that you won’t miss them so much after they’ll be put through.

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What do you think of our festival style guide? Let us know in the comments.

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