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10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Don’t you just love getting that text from your best girlfriends in the group chat saying “Clubbing tonight?”. We definitely do. But sometimes, the night just tends to go wrong! We either get too tired, too drunk, or too emotional to finish the night. But fear not, clubbing rookies, we’re here to help you dance the night away! Read on for 10 tips to have the best night of your life!


This is a big one. Making sure you drink plenty of fluids is vital in making sure you don’t dehydrate when you’re drinking alcohol. If you’re feeling a little too drunk, having a few glasses of water instead of carrying on with the shots could help you out. It’s also been said that having a glass of water between each drink can prevent a hangover. That’s worth a try for sure. Also, make sure you drink some water before bed, and plenty the day after an intense night of clubbing to get it back into your system. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

 Sort Your Transport

You’ve probably heard this one from your parents, but it’s really important to know how you’re getting to and from the club. Make sure if you’re paying cash for a ride to have some leftover, or if you’re getting an Uber or Lyft to know where you are so you can book on the app. Trying to figure out the address of a club after an intense night is never fun… trust us.  If you’re getting a ride from a family member or friend who isn’t out with you, make sure you arrange with them beforehand where you’re going to meet them, so you’re not drunk screaming down the phone about where you are at 4am. That’s never a fun time. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

 Phones Are A No No

Obviously, take your phone with you, in case you lose your squad, or need to book your Uber home, but on an intense night of partying, try and stay away from social media and your messages app. You could end up texting your ex, your crush, or your boss an embarrassing message that we can guarantee you’ll regret in the morning. Seriously… we promise. Anyway, why be on your phone all night when you could be dancing and making memories with your best friends? Plus, you need to save that battery for calling your taxi. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

We promise we aren’t trying to ruin your night and go all Mom and Dad on you. But, don’t go too crazy trying to down drinks as soon as you get into the club. All your drinks will suddenly hit you, and you’ll spend the rest of the night in the bathroom throwing up with your friends holding your hair back. This isn’t fair on you or your friends, and you don’t want to have to leave early. So, maybe only do one shot, not seven. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Stick To What You Know

An intense night out with all your friends is probably not the best time to try loads of different drinks. This means cocktails, mixing your drinks, and anything you’ve never tried before is off-limits. You just don’t know how your body is going to react. Some people are drunk after one cocktail, others need four. Stick to your go-to drink so that you know if you need to stop. Also, you’ll know how much you’ve had to drink, so next time, you’ll know what the perfect amount is for you! Trust us on this one: We all have that one drink that we can’t even smell without gagging and reliving an intense night when we pretty much ruined our lives. It’s never worth it. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

The golden rule of any night out is to never wear your shoes for the first time to the club. Seriously. Don’t do it. Sure, you’ll get loads of compliments on your brand new stilettos, but if you haven’t worn them in first, then you’re just going to end up with blisters, bruises, and aching feet. Wear your shoes around the house with fluffy socks for a while before their grand clubbing debut to stretch them out a little. Another great tip is to always bring some plasters in your bag. Your feet will thank you, trust us. Also, lots of clubs are getting more lax with their dress code and allowing girls to wear flats now. If you can, always wear trainers. Then, you can keep dancing all night long. Plus, your shoes are just going to get covered in dirt and drinks anyway, so why ruin a nice pair of heels? 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

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Emergency Cash

You never know what’s going to happen on an intense night out, especially when you’re drunk. Your Uber could cancel, or your friends might not be able to pick you up. That’s why you should always bring an emergency 10 or 20 just in case. It’s better to be prepared. You can just throw it in the back of your phone case, regardless of whether you’re buying drinks with cash or your card. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Trustworthy Group

Never go out and get drunk without at least one person you know well and trust. If you get drunk and need help getting home, a friend will help you, but the strangers you met in the bar probably won’t. It’s always best to be safe, and if you can, go out as a group. And remember, never leave your friend alone to go anywhere, always stick together. 

10 Tips To Survive An INTENSE Night Of Clubbing

Get On The Guest List

Most clubs have a guest list now. It might seem unnecessary to your night, but at some clubs, anyone can go on them, and even a simple Instagram DM can secure your place. You can get all sorts of free perks from this, usually free entry and getting to skip the line. Some even offer a free shot or drink. It’s always worth a try to get on.

Have Fun!

Overall, the most important thing about your night is to have loads of fun and make loads of happy memories dancing the night away with your friends. Make the horrible hangover worth it!

Those were our 10 tips for surviving an intense night of clubbing! Let us know if we missed any of your night out hacks. Cheers!

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