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Tips To Help You Through An Anxiety Attack

Tips To Help You Through An Anxiety Attack

These are the best techniques to reduce anxiety and ease your symptoms. If you feel that your anxiety is out of control, get relief by following these tips!
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Anxiety attacks are hard to deal with once you’re in the midst of them. The main difference between an anxiety and panic attack is that an anxiety attack comes on gradually with no hyperventilating and it’s like intense feelings and thoughts of anxiety which you can’t escape from. As there are warning signs the anxiety attack is oncoming, like getting trapped in your head with your thoughts, there’s ways to divert yourself from a full-blown attack. Here’s some tips to keep the anxiety at bay:

1. Breathe!

It’s easy to forget something so basic when you feel locked in your own head, but focusing on your breathing and slowing it down to try and get some control is very effective.

2. Name your surroundings

Listing anything nearby out loud can distract your mind from the track it’s on. It’s as simple as saying ‘table, sofa, television’ and to keep listing what you see until you feel calm.


3. Take a walk

Getting away from your surroundings can be refreshing. Walking to a park or somewhere with more open space can clear your head and stop the anxiety from hitting you again.

4. Clean your room

The most important aspect of easing your anxiety is to get away from the thoughts that are giving you anxiety, and sitting still can make it harder to deal with. When you feel the attack coming on, getting up and doing something can stop it from turning into an attack, even if it’s something mundane as cleaning and tidying.

5. Count down

If you can’t really move, counting backwards can stop the thoughts going through your head. Starting from one hundred and count backwards, taking a breath with each number, can quiet your mind.

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6. Think about something that helps you

Shutting your eyes and envisioning something which makes you feel better can instantly change your mood. Even if it’s something as simple as your family cat, your favourite time of year, the last thing which made you laugh, focus on that image.


What are your tips for getting through an anxiety attack? Tell us in the comments!

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