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10 Tips To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

10 Tips To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

These tips to help him last longer in bed will work. These sex tips will help you guys have a more enjoyable time. Here's how to make him last longer in bed

The bedroom is a couples most saced place in the home, so when it comes to your ‘special time’ the usual just wont always do. So here are 10 tips to help him last longer in bed, guaranteeing you both to have a good time.

1. Teasing

Every guy love a bit of fore play or all rounded teasing. It drives him wild and a great tip, the more seductive you can be with minimal touching, the crazier he becomes about you. Send him saucy text during the day for his eyes only and let his imagination run wild to when you next meet. Create a build-up of tension which will have him panting and wanting more. Its time to get creative in your relationship and hell pretty much thank you for his wild ride he’s embarking on. The crazy sexual thoughts running through his mind will keep him lasting, especially in bed when he wants to send every moment pleasing you and himself, cherishing every second and making it last. This is one of those tips to help him last longer in bed that also make you feel sexy.

2. Dress to impress

More clothes mean more time taking them off and building u pressure to the very act if not just sex but a whole rounded sexual experience. It creates a type of hidden fantasy in both him and you when there’s some sexy clothing involved. Whether its to look sexy and for something to peel off delicately or for some soft sensual feeling material, Clothing can be the opposite of painfully boring and annoying in bed. Material can be see through and lacy for a dressy sexual look or something smooth and velvet for a feel factor. This is one of the sexiest tips to help him last longer in bed.

3. Be flirtatious

Men don’t always want to put in all the effort and feel they get nothing out of the experience in the bedroom. They want to be playful and have a two-way street where each partner puts in their bit. Be flirtatious and make some suggestions or take the lead on this one. Its not abut dominance but companionship. If you view sex as only a physical act then hell only take the physical innovative and sex doesn’t always last very long with straight forward penetration so add something into the mix, otherwise it will be over before you can get an sentence out.  Talk, flit, make him and yourself feel appreciated as it is a connection but also fun and if he’s enjoying himself hell never want it to end, presto leaving him wanting more and lasting longer!

4. Toys

Now toys weren’t just made for children, there are adult versions too and they work as well to your needs even though they are adult based. After careful research, it can be found that Durex and many other retailers have produced the magical product of ‘Cock rings’. Although the title itself doesn’t sound very enticing they are wonderful and benefit both partners. They all allow men whom some may struggle with lasting long, to actually last longer which can overall achieve sexual gratification in the bedroom. The simple idea is they are placed onto his member and can be adjusted for all those special sizes out there. Some had features for he too such as an attachment of a vibrating bullet so she’s also gratified during sex. If both partners are happy then the success can have great results for both parties. Lasting longer and being more enjoyable.

5. Dirty talk

Sometimes this can be a subject which isn’t great for either party as is can get cringe or you run out of ideas to turn someone on. But sometimes talking can open up a good level of communication between you both and sometimes it can lead to giggles. These little session can break up the levels of intensity in the bedroom. Why not search a few phrases and try them out between you, and if there’s some laughs then that’s ok, the best way is to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

6. Getting the right setting

If you aren’t comfortable then he will be on edge also and nothing will last long. Whether is an actual sex issue where you aren’t feeling it, the temperature or there no drive then you’ll be wasting your time. The setting has to be right for both of you, he needs to feel comfortable and ready to go. Sex isn’t just a penetrative thing its time spent together in a space, whether there’s a romantic setting, or a unplanned quickie, there some element as to why you’re having sex. In order to last longer he needs to feel his body be ready, if this isn’t the case then these some changes that need to be made. This is one of the most important tips to help him last longer in bed.

7. Protection

Safe sex should always be practised and using condoms isn’t just to prevent unwanted pregnancy but is to protect. It can also come in handy for preventing premature ejaculation which can really ruin any good moment. When there’s build up hell feel the pressure from his imaginative fantasy take everything in at once which can cause issues. There are also some condoms designed to help him last longer, and sex can still be pleasurable. Take time to research as protection does have some benefits towards performance as it also gives him piece of mind that both are protected and there’s no accidents waiting to happen. Sometimes it can all be psychological so don’t kill the mood and instead enjoy it together. This is one of the most important tips to help him last longer in bed and beneficial for your health!

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8. Pre- Masturbation

As mentioned previously men have an active imagination and he can be like a loaded gun, ready to fire after such a build-up, which as before can lead to premature ejaculation and a massive mood killer for both parties involved. You can try and suggest masturbating beforehand to give him time to realise some additional pressure beforehand which means when he’s ready to go again he’ll be more attentive and your session will go off without a hitch. Both parties need to enjoy their orgasm and a quick one without much anticipation is one you don’t really want to occur in the bedroom, save yourself the embarrassment and help work out together and pre plan.

9. Stick to a rhythm, don’t starve yourself

Focusing on the orgasm aspect, it can also be important not to rush anything. To make him last longer communicate between you both, when he feels ready to finish then stop, have a breather and let him calm down. Making switch between sex and foreplay, it breaks up the bedroom session and can even open up the opportunity to trying new things and even new positions. This way you both get what you want and it’s a great way of bonding another level with him. It also helps to know that most crave giving his partner an orgasm, which in recent times and to be honest for a long time, sex usually ended when a male orgasms. Its time to change this viewpoint and males admittedly care enough to starve themselves of an orgasm so they can allow her time to enjoy herself.

10. Exercise

The body only works well when its looked after through regular exercise and supplements. So by following just some of this advice you can begin to learn how the body works, its a temple that need cherished and if you don’t know how to control it then how would you know what makes it tick? It’s the same with sex, to breathe and control yourself means you can control your orgasm. Exercise is a small role as its about being fit enough to keep up and flexible enough to reach now boundaries, to explore and or be cautious.

Hopefully these tips to help him last longer in bed help you out next time the both of you are in the mood to get down and dirty.

Let us know what you think about these tips to help him last longer in bed in the comments below!
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