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5 Tips To Enhance Weight Loss

5 Tips To Enhance Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be discouraging. Checking the scale every morning, even though the number doesn’t matter, can be like a slap across the face if you don’t see results. Weight loss does not happen over night and a lot of people want to see rapid results. 

We’ve tried the fad diets, we have tried countless eating tricks but there are things I’m sure you don’t realize help enhance weight loss. There are small tricks to incorporate into your daily routine that will help you lose weight along the way. 

I am not a nutritionist and if you are struggling with weight, it might be a good idea to consult with a doctor before starting anything new. However, these five tricks have been found to help enhance weight loss. They make it easier to shed a couple of pounds every few weeks or so. 

If you are ready to drop a couple of extra pounds or just want a push in the right direction, implement these five tips into your daily routine. After a while, they will become habit and you’ll be happy you started today. 

1. Cut out sugary drinks

This might seem like a given but often instead of having a meal people will replace it with a smoothie, iced coffee or even pop. They are filled with not only sugar but calories. Fruit drinks like juice contain much more sugar than your body needs. A meal with veggies would be much more filling and also healthier for you. If you are looking for a sweet drink, try unsweetened iced teas. Most of the time they are still sweet enough to satisfy and they have a load of benefits. Another way to replace your fruit juices is to try Crystal Light packets. They have so many flavors like lemonade, fruit punch and peach iced tea. You can switch it up every day. You won’t miss your glass of apple juice in the morning. 

5 Tips To Enhance Weight Loss

2. No more processed foods

I love Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones just as much as the next person, however frozen meals can be hard for the body to break down. While they are convenient, meal prepping does the same thing. Each week prepare meals or indigents that you can throw together on your lazy days like a quinoa and spinach bowl. Eating healthy takes time but it can be a labor of love. Clear our your freezer of all things processed. Trust me, your body will thank me. 

3. Hot lemon water 

Starting your morning with warm lemon water is so much more beneficial than coffee! Once you start this habit you really won’t want to go back to your black coffee days. There are so many reasons why drinking water in the morning is a great. Over night, the body become dehydrated so quenching your thirst is key. Also, having warm lemon water will help get things flowing first thing in the morning. Lemon flushes out unwanted toxins and will encourage the digestion system to get moving without being over powering. It also tastes delicious. 

5 Tips To Enhance Weight Loss

4. Weigh yourself 

Every morning, get on a scale and log your weight in a diary. If you are really set on losing weight, this will help. It might not be everybody’s thing but there have been studies that prove people who weight themselves everyday are more likely to lose weight and stick to it. Every other day would work as well. It just gives you a push to hit a goal and also keep you on track. For some people, weighing themselves is sort of a way to push them. Each time the scale goes down, it’ll remind you why you’re doing this and why it’s important to you. 

5. Fast intermittently

I’m not saying go three days without a single piece of food. Fasting intermittently can actually increase your chances of losing weight and after a few days of it, not only will it become habit but it will also feel normal. This is a pattern that cycles between eating and fasting. The point is to intake fewer calories without having to really restrict yourself. A popular way to do this is the 16:8 method. For 16 hours, you don’t eat food. Many people will have their first meal at 12 p.m. and their last before 8 p.m. Then the 16 hours you either are sleeping or waking up. It becomes more of a lifestyle change and it has been proven to help people lose weight over time. 

5 Tips To Enhance Weight Loss

6. Exercise

Yes, we have all heard it before. Exercising helps you lose weight. However, many people skip over this step if they are cutting back their calorie intake thinking that will be enough. For most people its 8:2, 80% food and 20% working out. So while you eliminate calories from your diet make sure to get in a quick workout at least three-five times a week. This workout doesn’t have to be major. Walking around the block for a half hour or taking a quick swim in the pool are all ways to increase your heart rate. If you live a busy life and can’t devote time to working out every day, try doing something different. Instead of taking the elevator at work, take the stairs or instead of parking in the front row at the grocery store, park far in the back and force yourself to walk. Doing small things like this will help enhance weight loss. 

7. Hobbies

Find a hobby! Most people eat out of boredom which will result in binge eating and weight gain. While this isn’t a weight loss tip, it can be a way to keep your mind off of food. Take a yoga class, read a book, find a new art project or anything you can think of. There are many activities that will help you waste a couple of hours and 

Adding these tips into your daily routine will not help you lose weight over night. But, it is a step in the right direction. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite ways to lose weight. 

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