10 Tips To Becoming A Super Organised Student

Being a super organised student can be a challenge when trying to balance uni life and your social life. So here are 10 top tips to follow to help you!

Amongst all the different work, lectures and deadlines you have to try and juggle as a student, it can be hard to stay organised and therefore keep on top of your workload. This could potentially lead to unnecessary stress and work buildup, so here are our top 10 tips on how to become a super organised student.

1. Create A Routine And Stick To It

The key to becoming a super organised student is creating a routine and consistently sticking to it. If you’re going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday; working within the same time schedule during the day and factor in time you need to relax, then you know what to expect and have a general framework to follow.

2. Set Rules For Yourself

Setting rules for yourself will keep you disciplined and motivated. If you set a rule such as not allowing yourself to go to the cinema with friends until you’ve reached a specific goal or finished a task you have set for yourself, then you have an incentive and ultimately you’ll be much more motivated to finish your work whilst also looking forward to some downtime.


3. Create Mini Deadlines

If you have a big deadline that you’re working towards, it helps to create mini deadlines before the actual deadline. Breaking down the tasks you need to complete and setting a deadline for each of these tasks will make the project as a whole much more manageable and you’ll feel accomplished when you complete each mini task.

4. Have Regular Admin Days

If you are regularly organising your laptop, notebooks and workspace and deleting the things that are cluttering your work environment whilst organising the things you do need; you’ll have a much clearer mind as well as a clearer workspace and will be able to access the things you need quickly and will have all your work organised, ultimately making you a super organised student.

5. Use A Planner

Documenting your to-do lists and weekly appointments all on one visible spread will help you organise and prioritise your time and it will be really useful to be able to see everything you have going on that week so you can focus on one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed with the workload you have.


6. Separate Your Work

Having an individual folder or binder available to refer to for each topic or area of your work will reduce the amount of time you have to waste looking for the work you need and will make all your resources super accessible which will maximise your organisation.

7. Plan The Night Before

Spend 5 minutes every evening planning the next day so when you wake up in the morning you have an idea of what you need to do that day and don’t have to spend time in the morning trying to get organised when you could be more focused on actually getting started with your tasks. This will improve your time efficiency as well as making you a super organised student.

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8. Just Do It

If you have a lot of work or deadlines coming up, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the work and potentially just avoid it. The best approach to this problem is to just do it. The task will need to be done regardless so it’s better to just tackle the work you have and get as much done as you can in the moment. This will avoid a buildup of work which will decrease your stress and make it easier to be organised.

9. Clear Your Workspace

Clearing your workspace at the end of each day in preparation for the next day will make you feel much more inclined to get started on your work the next day as there is nothing in your way. Having a clear space ready and waiting for you will actually motivate you to start your work and will make you feel super organised.

10. Prepare For The Next Day

Every night before bed it should be your ritual to prepare for the next day. Pack your bag with all the things you need for the next day, plan your outfit and prepare your lunch. This way you’re going to be super organised for the next day and you will have the best, most efficient start to your day that will maximise your productivity.


If you try out any of our tips to become a super organised student, let us know in the comments!

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