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10 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

10 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

Let’s forget about sunburn and peeling skin this summer through employing some of these 10 tips on how to take care of your skin! Say bye bye to redness and hello to a hydrated GLOW.

1. Get creamy

It goes without saying that sun cream is life during the summer, even if you don’t burn it’s still causing damage so don’t take a lack of redness as a sign that you’re somehow immune! Doesn’t work like that. Did you know that an estimated 60-80% of total lifetime sun exposure occurs in the first 18 years of life!? GUYS, avoid problems like skin cancer and premature aging by simply taking a few minutes to rub some cream into your skin a couple times a day.


If you haven’t invested in a good SPF daily moisturizer yet you’re missing out – you are still exposed to the sun even on a cloudy day, so swapping out your usual moisturizer for an SPF version is an easy way to protect yourself every day!

I have always had issues with my skin so I tend to be very picky with the brands I choose. Here are my two recommendations based upon years of use:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] SPF 30 moisturizer – £16.50


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Body Spray SPF 30 or 50 – £18

Both on the expensive side for some, but for me, they have been 100% worth it.


2. Spritz up

I’ve recently discovered thermal mists, and I love them. Perfect both for summer and to use as aftercare for sweaty gym sessions, thermal mists cool your skin down, cleanse and hydrate.

A 50ml spray bottle from La Roche-Posay costs around £3.50, though there are plenty of other brands doing the same for different prices. Thermal spring water is the only ingredient in this product and it comes out in a fine cooling micro spray. La Roche-Posay’s spray is also suitable for babies. Read up on it and see if it’s for you! Trust, it will be in your bag wherever you go this summer.


3. Moon cream

Moon cream is what my family always used to call after-sun when I was little and I think it’s the cutest name for it. Putting on after-sun was one of my favorite parts of summer nights when I was younger as I had quite sensitive skin that used to redden very easily. Taking care of your skin after sun exposure is so important as it helps to hydrate and heal it.

There’s a whole range of after-sun out there with all different little extra benefits, but I have always used: Nivea Sun After Sun Moisturising Soothing Spray Lotion – £5. The smell reminds me of summers with my family and I’m not sure I’ll ever use another because of that. Do you like the smell of after-sun? Or am I just odd…


4. Cool as an avocado

Cooling down your face and/or body in the summer doesn’t have to mean buying the newest and best products on the market. You can do this easily at home with DIY masks. One of my favorites is an avocado honey mask that instantly cools down my skin and gives it that perfect afterglow. However there are so many other recipes that also work very well, find the one that works best for you and your skin! It will be worth it.

5. Hydrate the heck outta your skin

After-sun has already been checked off of our list, but in the spirit of cheap and cheerful let me tell you my slightly less expensive DIY alternative. I say slightly less expensive – there are only two ingredients and buying them outright costs more than after-sun, but they work MIRACLES together and last an extremely long time – so, in the end, I’ve found it to be more than worth the expense.


Having been on Roaccutane for the past month, finding cheaper and worthwhile alternatives to hydrate my skin has been imperative. The dryness I’ve experienced so far has been unreal so I can promise you, this DIY mask WORKS.

I purchased 100% raw and certified organic coconut oil from Amazon – around £10, and The Body Shop’s new 100% Natural Community Trade Shea Butter – £15, and mixed together half a teaspoon of each (now you can see why it lasts a while). I then heated it in the microwave until melted – no longer as you don’t want to burn your skin – and applied it to my face leaving it on for anything from 15 minutes to an hour. I then wiped it all off with a warm wet facecloth which gently exfoliates also, and voila! Your skin will thank you.


6. HEAD, shoulders, knees, and toes…

Don’t forget the skin on your scalp! It’s not an easy place to either hydrate or protect I know, but it will hurt like heck if it gets burnt and begins to peel. Though I don’t have any suggestions for sun protecting shampoo or conditioner, I’ve seen some out there and it might be worth an investigation!

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Investing in hair treatments that you can use once a week or on the odd occasion is also a good idea. I love Lush’s Roots Scalp Treatment – £12.95 for 225g.


7. A drop in the ocean

…is never the amount of water you should be drinking a day. Though there are mixed arguments on how much water you should be drinking per day, at least a couple of liters seems to be the aim! And on a hot day? That number increases. Invest in a lovely big water bottle to track your daily intake – as well as hydrated, drinking water regulates your temperature, aids in the removal of toxins from the body and so much more. Makes sense since the human body is made up of 65% water.

Don’t like the taste of water on its own? Twinings now have a range of Cold Water Tea Bags! My favorite is the Rose Lemonade Infusion – £3.79 for 12 bags.


8. The delicates

Your eyes and lips are the more delicate skin areas on your face and so might need some extra attention when your skin is exposed to an extreme like the sun or is experiencing dryness.

My go to is the Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Pot – £2.69 – which has added SPF 15 protection. It’s healed any and all dryness I’ve experienced and is a little miracle worker.

As far as eye creams go I feel its best to test out what’s going to suit you, especially as you may be looking for something to target specific issues. But generally, I believe you are never too young to start using eye cream! The earlier you take care of your skin, the better it will look in years to come.


9. Layers

This is a very simple tip on how to take care of your skin this summer. Literally just covering up a little, especially when the sun is at its highest. A shawl, cardigan, hoodie, hat, beach umbrella – whatever you like! Go inside and nap if you feel like it (channel your inner Spaniard and siesta).

10. Say no to…

…so many things. Read up on the products you buy this summer, you may damage your skin without even realizing through using a product that isn’t actually geared to protect you from the sun! Tanning oils I’m looking at you… Not all products will be damaging, and not all protecting, so check before you buy and make some informed choices! Your skin in the largest external organ you possess, look after it!


Which of these 10 tips on how to take care of your skin this summer did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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