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10 Tips On How To Play It Cool When You REALLY Like Them

10 Tips On How To Play It Cool When You REALLY Like Them

OK, so you really like them? This is how to play it cool with a guy you like when you're freaking out on the inside. Don't panic, it's really not that hard.

There is no feeling more exciting, and terrifying, as an intense crush. However, the goal at the beginning of a crush or relationship is to not scare them off by coming for them all guns blazing. You need to play it cool let them know that you are interested without making them feel attacked, men are like deer, one false move and you will scare them away. Here’s some tips on how to play it cool with a guy you like!

1. Don’t get too involved

The first instinct you will have is to get yourself more involved in their life, turn up at their favourite bars, have a sudden interest in their hobbies, like EVERYTHING they post on social media. You are going to have to refrain from commenting hundreds of fire emojis on his entire back catalogue of selfies, maybe just the latest with a fire and a winky face.

2. Don’t go crazy

If you see them out a club with some other girl it will break your heart, all you’ll want to do is throw a drink in the chick’s face. Which is fair enough protecting what’s yours, problem is he isn’t yours… yet. If you show him that you are a psycho before he gets to know the chilled version of you it’s going to ruin everything.


3. Keep it casual

Don’t keep bombarding him with texts, make sure he is the first one to message you once in a while. This is a great way to see if he enjoys talking to you as much as you like talking to him. Don’t panic if he doesn’t message you after a day or two, he could just be really busy. It’s not worth working yourself up until at least a week later, at which point you can decide whether you still want to message him or not.

4. Take it slow

Don’t spend every conversation you have with him trying to figure out exactly feels about you. There is no quicker way to stress a man out then asking him “What are we?” when you’ve only just met. If you’re wondering how to play it cool, it’s to be yourself.

5. Be you

The temptation to make yourself into exactly what you think he wants will be strong. This won’t work for longer than a week when he figures out you hate craft beer and have never been camping. In all fairness he would probably prefer the real you as you will just seem more genuine and fun.


6. Flirt around

Don’t go overboard but keep your options open. This works best if you know that he likes you, but studies have shown you flirting with others will spark his interest. Get a bit of flanter going with some of his mates, show him you won’t wait forever but make sure you flirt with him a bit as well.

7. Be a mystery

Guys don’t need to know your darkest secrets seconds into knowing you, where is the fun there? Keep him on his toes a bit, don’t divulge your entire life story on the first date.

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8. Take Him Off the Pedestal

You may not even realise it, but you have elevated him above all other people at this point. Look for a flaw or two and understand that he is only human like you. This does not mean nit-pick until you have completely turned yourself off, just be careful!

9. Be Busy

Don’t be at his beckon call: take an hour to text him back, have plans when he wants to hang (provide another potential hangout time), go out with the girls for a night. Make sure he knows he needs to book you in advance and night just take for granted that you will coming running when he calls.

10. Relax

If you’re wondering how to play it cool, it might seem obvious but you need to chill out! It’s the start of a relationship. Yes, it might seem to you that he is the one you want to spend your life with but think about how well you really know them before you get strung up. In all fairness they are probably just as nervously excited about the relationship as you are so don’t worry yourself too much.


Do you now know how to play it cool? You’ve definitely got this. Let us know in the comment section below!

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