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10 Tips On How To Meal Prep For Weight Loss

10 Tips On How To Meal Prep For Weight Loss

Meal prep for weight loss doesn't have to be difficult and complex! All it takes is a few rules to adhere to and patience!

Meal prep for weight loss doesn’t require much time and effort, apart from making the food yourself and paying attention to what you buy in your local shop. If you wish to maintain your weight and stay healthy, you can follow these rules too! Here is a list of 10 Tips On How To Meal Prep For Weight Loss!

1. Keep It Simple

Just keep your meals simple! No fancy pansy artificial additives, no bought-in-store sauces. You don’t necessarily need rice and potatoes together or fish and piece of chicken – make it simple, keep it real!

2. Carbs, Fats, And Protein

This is very important in terms of meal prep for weight loss! You need to make sure you have a good amount of carbs and healthy fats to keep you going as well as protein to help your muscles recover from exercise. These three are fundamental for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself!


3. Leafy Greens

But don’t forget about micronutrients too! They’re vital for your health and wellbeing! Leafy greens are packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber and they are low in calories! Adding them to your diet will not only improve your physique but will exert an impact on your mental state too!

4. Don’t Buy Already Made Meals

As already mentioned before, most pre-made meals and sauce are full of preservatives, unnecessary sugar, and artificial color additives. And if you wish to purchase a pre-made meal, make sure you read the label and see if it includes what your body really needs.

5. Make It Yourself

But it is 10 time better if you make it yourself! Meal prep for weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult and complex, and in fact, it is easier than you think. Search for healthy food inspiration online and buy an informative book and get cooking!


6. Make Sure You Chew Properly

Don’t rush it but take your time! I know it is easier said than done in the 21st century!  However, if you start paying a little more attention to how fast you normally eat and if you chew properly, I’m certain you’s be surprised!

7. No Sweets Sweety

This might be controversial but sweets are no good unless you make them yourself or check the labels! And yes, it won’t hurt anyone if you have a piece of chocolate now and then as long as you don’t substitute your regular meal with it!

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8. Play Music You Like

It is more likely you’ll move your hips to your favorite tunes – and exercise is crucial too. When nutrition comes hand in hand with exercise, you get the best results. It is as simple as that – remember, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym if it’s not your thing, but go swimming, dance, go for a bike ride, walk to work, etc. Just make sure you move!

9. Drink Water

Hydration is key! It helps your body function, it helps your digestion and it is one of the few liquids you need in your life! Juices are fine too but bear in mind that they are high in sugar and very often contain no micronutrients. Choose a smoothie instead – it is packed with micronutrients and will give you a sugar boost too but definitely not as high and rapid as a juice. If you’re capable of making it yourself, you are a here to your own story!


10. Make Sure You Exercise

Exercise will know only improve the way you look but it will also improve your mental health and overall wellbeing! It will give it a boost and make you want to move again!

What would you include in your meal prep for weight loss routine? Share with us in the comments below.

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