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10 Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram Following

10 Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram Following

10 Tips On How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram. Let’s be real, one of the main reasons we love it is because our parents haven’t worked out how to use it yet (R.I.P Facebook)

But have you ever wondered how to effectively grow your Instagram following because here are 10 great ways on how to do exactly that?

1. Be consistent with your posting

Most people like to follow Instagram accounts that are consistent with their content and post at least once a day.


Several studies indicate that Instagram accounts aiming to post content every single day are more likely to gain Instagram followers than the accounts that are posting less frequently.

2. Make a niche

It’s important to realise that your Instagram is for you and you should enjoy the content you’re putting out there. The best way to grow your Instagram following would be by posting content you’re interested in.

3. Follow an Instagram theme

Two words: Liza Koshy.


4. Use the Instagram story feature

Whilst your Instagram feed may be following a strict aesthetic you can have a lot more fun with your stories. You can post funny anecdotes or use it as a platform to talk about important and popular conversations like the Lori Loughlin case and Georgia’s recent abortion ban.

A great perk with stories is that It doesn’t have to follow a theme and it’s actually a great candid way to engage with your followers.

Stories are particularly useful when trying to grow your Instagram following because recent research from buffer claims that 400 million people watch and post Instagram stories every day.


5. Swallow your pride and write a paragraph of hashtags

We all make fun of hashtags because having a paragraph of ‘#’ under your picture seems a little bit too keen. But hashtags are so important if you want your content to reach a wider audience.

Finding and coming up with niche hashtags can be hard, but luckily there are so many tools in place that can help you.

  • Display purposes: you can find this tool on the web and it’s so simple to use. First of all, you need to type in one hashtag that is relevant to the picture you want to post on Instagram. Then this web tool will then generate relevant and consistent hashtags. This will help you tailor your content and filter out irrelevant and spammy hashtags.
  • Focalmark: This is another great app that will help you find relevant Instagram hashtags. This tool uses human research and ranking algorithm in order to make your hashtags extra relevant.
  • AutoHash: This app is available on Android. Once you download this app you have to upload the photo you wish to post, and the app will analyse the photo and generate relevant hashtags.

6. Instagram insights on a business account

In order to use this feature, make sure you have a business account.


Instagram insights can be found on your home page:

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  • Click on the three lines on the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on the first option in the list that says ‘Insights’

This feature is great because it will help you understand your key demographic, where your followers come from and when they are most active on Instagram.


7. Link your blog to your Instagram

If you’re an aspiring writer/blogger the best way to increase traffic towards your blog posts would be by linking your Instagram account to your website.

  • Feed Them Social: In order to use this app, you have to download the WordPress app. Once downloaded Feed Them Social will give you a short piece of code that you can embed into the HTML version of your WordPress account.
  • Linktree: This app is a great way to get your Instagram followers onto your website. Once you’ve connected link tree to your Instagram account, you’ll be given a link to put into your bio. This link will then lead to a personalised arrangement of all of your blog posts and webpages.

8. Get creative with your Instagram captions

A great way to earn more (real) followers is by giving your Instagram account a voice. A key trend on Instagram at the moment is to have really long Instagram captions that most of us will honestly read. This is a great way to engage with your followers because you could ask them questions, run contests or even write a short story.

9. Research your Competitors

If you want to create an interior design account, it’s probably best to follow like-minded accounts. Have a look at which posts are doing well, how often they are posting and how they engage with their followers.


10. Socialise with your followers

Talk to your followers, it’s called social media after all! Respond to the comments your followers leave on your pictures and take time to comment on their posts too.

The most important part of Instagram is having fun with it and creating content that you enjoy and are proud of.

Comment below if you can think of any more ideas.

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