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10 Top Tips On How To Deal With A Long Distance Relationship

10 Top Tips On How To Deal With A Long Distance Relationship

10 Top Tips On How To Deal With A Long Distance Relationship

Have you recently started a long distance relationship with somebody you care about a lot but you’re a little bit worried about how it’s going to work when you’re far away from each other? Well, there’s no need to worry; many long-distance relationships are actually stronger because you need to maintain the relationship on a higher level than the average one.

Today’s article is also going to give you 10 top tips on how to deal with your long distance relationship so that both of you are happy throughout this tough stage as a couple.

1. Good Communication

Every relationship obviously needs good communication so that you can express how you feel at all times but if you see each other on the daily, 9/10 you’ll be able to figure out what your partner is feeling by just their death-glaring facial expressions. When you’re further away from them you’ll need good communication in order to be able to confide in them so you can get anything off your chest because it’s a lot easier to put up a front over text or even a phone call.


Not only that, simple questions or conversation starters such as “Have you had a good day?” can show your partner you’re thinking of them and that you are interested in their life that is far away from yours.

2. Effort

This is something that you need to keep on top of; it’s so easy to get lost in your own individual lives but making the effort to talk and see your partner that is of a long distance away is what’ll make it work. If you barely chat during the day because your partner comes up with silly excuses like “I’ve been busy”, just remind them that it takes approximately 30 seconds to send a text so they need to get on with it.

Everybody gets busy but making the time for your loved one(s) is one of the keys to a healthy relationship.


3. Missing Each Other

It’s all well and good being able to see each other more than you usually would because of the long distance between you both but speaking from experience, going from seeing them weekly to then monthly will take some horrible adjustments. So, instead of having to adjust several times a year, try and keep the length of time between each visit at an equal number because you want to be able to miss each other.

Missing each other will help you cherish the time you have together but missing each other horrendous amounts because you’ve spent the last two weeks together and now you won’t see them again for another 1-2 months will take its toll.

4. Plans

Making plans to go away, do an activity or even just a cinema date can make the time apart a hell of a lot more bearable because not only are you excited to see your other half but you know that you’ll be making more memories when you do. Treat yo’selves guys, you deserve it after being apart.


5.  Phone Calls/Face-Time

Phone calls, face-timing or any way of hearing your loved one’s voice or seeing their ridiculously pretty face is a luxury when you’re long distance. It’s the closest you’re going to get to being able to cuddle and kiss them so treat it as a taster and keep counting down until when you’re next going to meet.

6. Reassurance

This may seem like a silly tip but reassuring your partner in the smallest of ways such as texting them that you love them or even calling them before bed to wish them a goodnight can really show them that you’ve been thinking about them that day.

Showing your affection is a lot different when you’re miles away from each other and if you’re not making the time to show it, your partner will probably get a tad paranoid if this is a regular occurrence. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all get a bit wary from time to time, so in order for your partners ‘crazy’ traits to not make an appearance give them some love.


7. Keeping Occupied

Even though you’re taking some time to give your partner some attention, make sure you’re also keeping yourself occupied the rest of the time so that you’re not sat there staring into space and crying over how much you want to hold them.

Yes, you miss them and keeping yourself busy won’t stop it from hurting but it’ll push it to the back of your mind so that you can still have a good time or get on with your work.

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8. The Little Things

The little things that you do for your partner are always the most important and the same goes for when you’re in a long distance relationship. Giving them a Good Morning or Goodnight message or even bringing them their favourite chocolate next time you see them can show them how much you love and have missed them.

9. Trust

This is the most important factor to any relationship; trust is what a relationship is built on and if you find yourself questioning your partner about what they are doing or who they are with then you are doubting their motives towards you.

In a long distance relationship, everybody gets the odd thought about what their partner is up to if let’s say they are dragged on a night out with their single friends because even though you have every faith in them, you question it because you’re only human. It’s normal to have these thoughts you know deep down aren’t true and because you’re so far away you know how easy it is for somebody to get caught up in the moment… Well, that’s what you tell yourself.


However, the moment you start to question your other half is the moment you lose trust and being so far away from them will make you feel 100x worse and can potentially threaten your bond. So, give them the benefit of the doubt unless you have real reason to doubt.

10. Future Plans

Talking of future plans with your other half will show you this period of long distance isn’t as important because the aftermath will make up for it in the long run. So, if you’ve been together for a while (maybe more than just six months so you don’t scare them off) then start planning your future for when you completely reunite.

Whether that’s getting your own place or completely dropping everything to go travelling then you can both make it your goal to work towards that and you’ll see the end of the tunnel for the cruel distance.


Are you in a long distance relationship that’ll find these tips helpful? Or do you have any tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below and you might help a struggling relationship out!

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