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10 Tips On How To Ace A Job Interview

10 Tips On How To Ace A Job Interview

Our tips on how to ace a job interview!

Get our top tips on how to ace a job interview! Interviews, especially right out of Uni can be intimidating and a little overwhelming; but with our tips to help you can be more sure to be confident in yourself and the interview process!

1. Is this for me?

Ensure that the job you are applying for is something you have a keen interest in and wish to pursue long term. This immediately makes the interview process less daunting and you will feel comfortable in the process.

2. Change the way you think about Interviews

For many people they get worked up to the point that they feel like they’re prepping for major surgery or headed to court to learn their fate. Instead of seeing interviews in such a daunting and negative way, regard them as merely a Q&A opportunity, or an opportunity to sell yourself. Seeing it as a conversation where you get to know each other and explain your work ethics and motivations to someone else will immediately eliminate the stress. Getting comfortable with the interview process is a sure way how to ace a job interview.


3. Embrace your nerves

That’s right, nerves can be good and at a physiological level there’s not a big difference between nerves and excitement. I always try a banana and fruit these are good for the mind and will decrease the heart rate and breathing increase. Your meeting someone for the first time and want to make a good first impression but relax, breathe and be yourself.

4. Dress the part:

This is a crucial part in how to ace a job interview. If you dress the part for the interview whether it be for a fashion editor or a sales assistant you will immediately feel more comfortable and confident when attending the interview. You leave a remarkable first impression and you push your self esteem giving room for your personality to truly blossom.

5. Talk confidently:

If you are confident the employer can be confident within you.  If you get stumped by a question, rather than fumbling your way through it, simply acknowledge that it is a question you haven’t previously considered. Think it through properly, if your finding it difficult to answer explain that you’d like to provide a thoughtful response and ask if you can approach it differently. They don’t expect you to get everything right. They expect to see your character and work ethic and most importantly enthusiasm.


6. Turn your biggest weakness into your greatest strength:

This may be the hardest question that comes up in the interview. So, when asked about your weaknesses turn them into a strength. Use an example of when you got yourself out of a situation or something that you are doing to improve it.

7. Take every interview opportunity that comes your way:

With each new interview you’ll learn new skills and get more comfortable. You’ll be able to approach questions that you may not of thought of. Whatever you learn from you can apply in the future.

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8. Patience

Everything that comes at you could be part of the interview process, if your asked to stay for half an hour extra to meet an assistant manager or director; take the opportunity as it shows that your keen and passionate about the role.

9. Talk proudly about your strengths and accomplishments

If you have something your proud of that you think will add value to what you bring to the role or differentiate from other candidates mention it. Strong skill set will impress the employer. Especially any volunteer work you have done.

10. Towards the end of the interview ask questions:

Questions may come up throughout the interview keep them in mind till the end and ask at least 3-5 questions showing that you want to know about the requirements of the position. One question to try and include is ” what are the next stages of the recruitment process?” as this opens up conversation for the next step.


There you have it, our tips on how to ace a job interview! Be calm, and be confident! Good Luck on the job search!

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