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10 Tips To Make Your Money Go Further

10 Tips To Make Your Money Go Further


Whether you’re a broke student or want to save money for a holiday, house, or car; everyone wants to make their money go further, but sometimes that is easier said than done. This article is here to help you with saving and making your money go further!

1. Write everything down.

Keeping an eye on exactly what you’re spending will help you figure out where you are going wrong. You will soon see where all your money is going, mostly on food (probably). Work out how much money you have coming in, then all your bills you have going out. With the remaining money you can give yourself a weekly budget. An example, you have £600 left from your incoming, £150 per week to spend on food, clothes and transport.

2. Download a money saving app.

There are tons of different apps that you can link your accounts too. It calculates how much your outgoings are and how much you have to spend for the rest of the month. They can also send a set amount to a savings account just like it is one of your outgoings. You can check your app store for the latest ones!


3. Cut back on the meal deals.

On average getting a meal deal each day at lunch time will cost you around £900 each year; that could be an extra holiday! Instead make your own packed lunch, you can make them as healthy or unhealthy as you wish.

4. Invest in a piggy bank.

As a child I’m sure you would use one of these, but putting your extra change in one and letting it add up can result in some serious savings. You can just start with coins, and then spare notes if you get any. Set yourself a date every month or year where you open and count the money; if it worked, continue to do it. If not then find another way to save those spare coins.


5. Make sales your best friend.

Everything will be in the sale at some point, just wait it out and you can buy that pair of shoes at a discounted price. If you have a student discount or store card, then you can save extra money all year round. But if something is limited edition and you just can’t wait, then treating yourself every now and then is fine!

6. Find yourself dupes.

If you love a luxury product, but not the price tag; then find a cheaper alternative. Beauty Gurus always find a cheaper dupes from the drugstore, so you can find the same food, clothing, or home-ware too. It might take a bit of detective work and time but it will be worth it.

7. Get a savings account.

Just keeping your savings in your current account will tempt you to spend it; so get a separate account. They are free and easy to set up, and will mean you save more money in the long run.


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8. Be the frugal friend.

Going for cocktails? Suggest somewhere that does happy hour! Just because you friends aren’t saving doesn’t mean you have to blow all of your money. Maybe ask your friends to come round for a cocktail night; making your own will save money AND the long waiting times at the bar!


9. Swap the restaurant for home cooked meals.

Dine out often? Swap them for home cooked meals! Even if you can’t cook, have fun learning how to! Pick your favorite restaurant meal and cook it yourself, even if you don’t succeed the first time, keep going and soon enough you will make it better than the chefs.

10. Find events and places to visit for free.

There are tons of museums and visitor centers full of interesting exhibitions. Even if you wouldn’t normally visit these types of places, you might learn something new and it gets you out the house!

10 Tips To Make Your Money Go Further
Hopefully these tips will inspire and help you to make your money go further. Let us know in the comments below if these tips helped!
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