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The Best Tips For How To Cure A Hangover Fast

The Best Tips For How To Cure A Hangover Fast

Sometimes the day following a crazy night of partying makes drinking seem not worth the hype. Check out these tips on how to cure a hangover!

Everyone knows the pain of partying from the night before: that dreaded hangover. You then think to yourself ‘why did I do it?’. The regret of last night’s decisions and the chorus of ‘never drinking again’ ringing in your ears. Worry no more though, as here are some tips on how to cure a hangover fast, no matter what the occasion.

1. Pour Some Sugar On Me

Sugar can be great to give you some extra added energy. Drinking something sugary is the one of the best ways to settle your nauseous stomach if you feel you can’t eat anything else. It takes away the nauseated feeling and gives you the energy you didn’t know you needed to get through this hangover.


2. The McDonalds Effect

Everyone loves that much needed McDonalds after a heavy night of drinking. Try and avoid something too greasy and go for something that’s more substantial and in small quantities. Have some of their devious french fries and you’ll soon start to feel more like yourself and human again after a while. So forget about that diet and get munching on those delicious fries.


3. Get Some Fresh Air

What’s the best way to start to feel fresh again? Well, fresh air itself. Get outdoors and let your lungs soak up all the fresh air you can find. Breathe again as if you’ve never had oxygen in your life and pretty soon you’ll begin to feel the great effects of the fresh air. To make it even better: the colder the air, the more crisp and fresh you begin to feel.

4. Sleep

Sometimes after going at it too hard, your body can begin to feel too exhausted and maybe it’s ok to sleep in a little longer today. This is good especially if you don’t have to be anywhere or get anything done. So if you have the free time, then make use of that little extra sleep you can give yourself. Don’t feel guilty because it’s not like you do it all the time, so why not treat yourself?


5. Get Straight Back To It

Sometimes the best cure in life is to continue doing what you know is causing the issue. Basically, the hair of the dog rule applies here. Get that cocktail back in hand and add it to your breakfast routine. Sometimes to beat something you have to join it.

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6. Exercise

This is definitely not one for the cynical people (much like myself). Get the blood rushing and work up a sweat, open your pores, and let it all flow out. Get back that feel good factor that wears off from alcohol and instead get moving around and push through the pain of that hungover. If you can push past that, you can push through anything in life.


7. Distractions/ Netflix

Sometimes the best way to get through something is to ignore the fact that it even exists. The best hangover cure of all time is binge watching til your heart’s content. So get right to it and the time will pass more quickly than you’d think. Bring some joy and happiness to such a tough day and enjoy it if you have the free time. Feel accomplished for watching 2 seasons in a day, rather than sitting feeling sorry for yourself.

How To Cure A Hangover Fast
So there you have it, my take on how to cure a hangover! Whether or not they work for you; well that’s your choice and depending on what does work, it’s only for a short time, so not to worry. If anything, enjoy the relief that you can get through this and do it for yourself!
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