10 Tips For The Ultimate Ladies’ Night Out In Manchester

If you're looking for a good night out in Manchester, try out a Friday or Saturday at one of these fun restaurants and bars! It's almost guaranteed that you will have the best time!

Planning a ladies’ night out in Manchester? Looking for where to go and what to wear? Whether you’re local lasses or a girls’ group arriving from out of town, these 10 tips and tricks will prepare you for the ultimate ladies’ night out in Manchester. We’re talking pre-drinks, lashes, heels, the club and the morning after…

1. Out-of-towners, bag a table seat on the train to Manc as far in advance as possible to keep fairs low and avoid the quiet carriage.

You and your girls can sit together and discuss what’s in store for later, while sipping your morning Starbucks and nibbling a cheeky chocolate croissant all aboard. A journey catching up, comparing clothes and the odd selfie or two is essential early prep for the ultimate ladies’ night out in Manchester, obvs.

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2. Split the cost of an elegant Staycity ‘aparthotel’

The stylish but affordable, chic, modern apart-hoteliers accommodate groups of up to 8 and require no filter.

The crisp white bedrooms, airy open-plan kitchen / living area and views of Manchester from up high are the perfect space to pre-drink and get dolled up, before heading out out. There are two Staycity tower-blocks in town, each within short walking distance of Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

3. Expecting a late one, ladies? Line your stomachs with a tasty, light dinner to die for

Manchester’s stunning Australasia restaurant is a meal of many plates. The restaurant is shared in this top-class eatery will satisfy all your senses without breaking the bank or expanding your belt buckle. There’s a reason groups must reserve their table at least a month before fine dining here.

Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

4. Prepare yourselves.

Ladies out and about in Manchester are flawlessly made up during the day and impeccable top to toe by night. Pay a visit to the big Boots or sassy Selfridges in town to stock up on packet lashes, highlighter and hairspray (more essentials for DIY-ing the ultimate ladies’ night out in Manchester).

Alternatively, it’s never too late to book a professional blow dry or track down a mobile makeup artist in Manchester. A trip to Blow bar in Debenhams’ beauty department  or a quick ‘mobile makeup Manchester’ googling session will get you girls glam in no time.

 Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

5. Booze in Neighborhood bar

To bag a famous footie player, if you recognise him that is. Spot the causal ‘I’m a footballer’ giveaways: eye-catching wristwatch, hairstyle to match and a table well stocked with drinks on the house.

Beware this buzzing beverage-house will be busy from early doors to closing. Booking a table booth in advance will set you back a stack but might be worth it to secure seats.

Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

6. Warning: Women who venture out in Manchester after dark do not feel the cold.

This is either owing to high levels of alcohol circulating through their bloodstream, or because Northern lasses are well practiced in the art of faking it ‘til they make it into the club.

If the coat doesn’t compliment the outfit, leave it on the rack. And start ‘sampling’ prosecco early to take the icy edge off when you step out. We’ve a sneaking suspicion the reason mini-dressed Mancunians are void to sub-zero temperatures is drink-related.

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7. Hop out the cab in front of Revs de Cuba for a lively Latin-inspired ladies’ night out to remember.

Fiery rum cocktails, top tacos and Manchester’s biggest fiesta awaits. Just off Deansgate? Nope, you’ve arrived in Havana. This popular party street doesn’t shut down until sunrise on a Saturday night turn Sunday morn.

Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

8. RnB more your vibe?

Wind the night away next door to Revs with chart anthems, hip hop tunes from way back when and sparkling bottles of bubbles galore in Club Liv. Where lip fillers and boob jobs are the new black and eyebrows were made to stand out, weren’t they?

Don’t miss the best op to people watch since the commissioning of Geordie Shore. Expect to see some questionable people dancing… questionably. Just be prepared to queue around the corner if you show up later than 10:30 pm and cough up a pricy entry free.

9. For a fantastic, classic club night and young crowd Tiger Tiger will have you dancing away your ladies’ night out in Manchester.

Expect to wake up to an obligatory hangover and text message from an unknown phone number the morning after. Boozehounds residing in the north will drink and chat Southerners under the table and out the door. Stories and photos from your ladies’ night will be worth it.

Looking to do a ladies night out in Manchester? This is one of the funnest ideas!

10. Book tickets to an epic event at Manchester Arena.

Imagine dragons, Harry Styles, Brittany, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo and Katy Perry are a few of the acts headlining this year.

With these 10 tips, the ultimate ladies’ night out in Manchester is yours for the taking! What do you plan to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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