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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair When You Wear a Hijab

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair When You Wear a Hijab

Here is how you take care of your hair when you wear a hijab. These tips should help your hair stay unharmed while wearing a hijab.

Do you ever come home from school/work, strip your hijab off and are greeted with a piercing headache? Or maybe you have noticed since you wear a hijab, you’ve lost some of your edges and your hair isn’t quite as strong as it should be. Well look no further, our quirky, easy tops tips to keep your hair healthy and happy are sure to give you a good hair day even under your hijab!

Don’t wear your hijab so tight!

This is probably the holy grail rule that I think all Hijabis should stick to. On average, the typical Muslim woman spends eight hours wearing a hijab and whether it’s a long day at work or school, it is a very long time to keep your hair covered. Now to add to that, wearing a tight hijab style is only likely to result in damage to your, breakage of hair strands and split ends, and well, that isn’t exactly ideal for anyone. The added bonus with looser styles is that its more comfortable and won’t strain your hair.

Wear “protective” hairstyles.

Braids are known to protect your hair from damage and breakage, they’re also incredibly easy and have lasting effects. Wearing braids means you keep your hair tight and tidy under your hijab. It’s a win, win in both cases except you may have some bumps that show through your scarf.


Don’t wear the hijab when you don’t need to be.

Now that’s not to say to take off your hijab in public places. Rather it’s directed at those of you who wear their hijab ardently even in the comfort of their own home. It’s important that your hair follicles see some light so do take your hijab off and give your hair a chance to breathe. Studies show that some causes of hair loss are connected to reduced light exposure, especially sunlight when you wear a hijab.

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Take your vitamins

As a hijabi, you are more in need of some vitamins than others. Special nominations include vitamin D (stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss), Biotin (also prevents hair loss and builds strong keratin) and folic acid (all of the above and more). Of course, before taking any medication, consult with your doctor!


How do you take care of your hair when you wear a hijab? Tell us in the comments below!

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