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10 Tips For Surviving Your First Pub Crawl

10 Tips For Surviving Your First Pub Crawl

10 Tips For Surviving Your First Pub Crawl

Pub crawls are fun, but also deadly; one wrong drink and you’ll be slurring to that girl from your course about how you really do appreciate Plato’s work on time. Pub crawls are becoming more and more part of University society initiations and just fun society nights out, so here are 10 tips for surviving your first pub crawl.

  1. Be Strategic with money

These days, a pint costs near £4 in the North and nearer £5 in the South. Try not to be the first to buy a drink and try to scout the prices and maybe just get the house lager or cider to keep it cheap.

  1. A half doesn’t make you a loser

Drinking halves are a great way to spread your drinking across the evening and also spread the price. Halves cost half the price so if that pub is a little more expensive, maybe try and pace yourself with a little one.

  1. To mix or not to mix

Deciding whether to mix drinks is always a tricky decision. Mixing can make you more likely to vomit later, but it can also get you drunk faster. So decide on your priorities but be safe.

  1. Look out for your friends

You don’t want anyone to get left behind so make sure to look out for the group and hope they’ll look after you in return.  If you do have one friend who is known for getting themselves lost, maybe get them to switch Find my Friend or SnapMaps on and be able to find them when something does happen.



  1. Eat.

If you’re plan for the night is to not be in a hospital bed by the end of it, then eat a good hearty meal before you set off. All of the drink will soak up and you will still get, but a more healthy and responsible kind of drunk.

  1. Have a sneaky soft

Have a sneaky soft drink in one of the pubs, you’ve got to keep yourself standing and who’s really going to know if there is vodka in that coke?

  1. Want to play?

Chants and drinking games are really fun and they create a good sense of togetherness, but if it’s at the extent of your liver then maybe give the odd one a miss. If you do decide to play, make sure you only sip and one down the pint when you really have to: your body will appreciate it.

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  1. Don’t Rush

Even if your best mate Terry is telling you to down it quick so they can move on, ask at the bar for a plastic and take your time. You don’t want to vomit in the street or in the cab or really anywhere.

  1. Learn the Route

If you’re savvy you’ll learn the route you’re going to be before you head out. That way if you do get separated or decide to stay in one bar a little longer, you’ll be able to catch up with your friends  and keep the night going.

  1. Have a check list

Pub crawls are notorious for loosing possessions so as you’re leaving each pub just do a quick pat down and make sure you have all of the essentials with you – keys, wallet ad phone. Anything else on a pub crawl is surplus and could be lost.

So there you have it, a quick and snappy list of the do’s and don’ts of pub crawls. So go out and have fun and drink responsibly – nothing ruins a pub crawl like someone having to be taken home because they only made it through eight of the Didsbury dozen.

How did your first pub crawl go?! Let us know if you have any tips or advice down below in the comments!