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Tips For Minimalist Packing During Your Holiday

Tips For Minimalist Packing During Your Holiday

Minimalist packing can be difficult to pull off if you're planning a big trip. However, it is possible with a little bit of work!

If you are lucky enough to go on holiday, you may be prone to over packing. When you leave your life and home behind for a week or two, sometimes it can be a worry not having it packed with you. What if you do actually need 25 pairs of pants for a week’s holiday and you only have 14? These are the sort of questions that end up making you pack more than you need. So, instead of your case being over the luggage limit, here are tips for minimalist packing. Read on to find out more!

Plan your outfits:

A key problem of over packing is not planning. For each day and evening you are there pick out a planned outfit before you pack all of your clothes. This will stop you from shoving in 15 tops and 5 skirts, which you then have to try and make an outfit from on your holiday. This will make your holiday so much easier, as you can see before you pack what tops may match with another night’s skirt. This will enable you to restrict mountains of un-necessary clothes. If you are really that worried, of rips and stains you can always pack one or two spare tops. You can also think to yourself, do I really need 4 different pairs of flip flops? You will most probably throw on the pair that is closest to the door!

Go for mini products and write a list:

Now, you may think you cannot live without a tonic water and a spritz on your holiday. But it is important to think of what you really need. A great tip is to right a list before of everything you think you will need and it will ensure you do not stray from what you actually need upon packing. Plus, who doesn’t love ticking off a list?


Another factor that will not help with light luggage is full sized products. Taking a 200ml conditioner for a mini break doesn’t seem that logical. Try cutting down bulky products you don’t need as much of into travel pots. You can also buy products in miniature form from the drugstore.

Make the most of your hand luggage:

If you are flying, make sure you read the fine print of what luggage you are allowed. Most airlines allow a bag that can be stored under the seat, and one in the overhead locker. But it really depends on your travel provider. Having this additional storage is perfect to carry your medication, and valuables such as your laptop which can be quite heavy. You can also put 100ml toiletries in your hand luggage to lighten the load of your case. If you really want to make the most of it, shove some of your heavier clothes in your carry-on case too.

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Clever packing storage:

If you often have your clothes rammed into your suitcase and you are trying to pick out that one top you need right at the bottom of your case, then you need storage cubes. You can buy these from Amazon and they are a set of bags that help organise and separate your items. You can roll your clothes up and then pack into the specific clothing bag, that will enable you to see everything you have and avoid it from getting creased. It is a real win, making this one of the best tips for minimalist packing.

Last but not least, do not panic, just remember it is un-likely you will be going to the middle of nowhere, so you can always buy it or just make do, enjoy your holiday with minimalist packing!

Are you prone to over packing? What are your minimalist packing tips? Let us know in the comments below!
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