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20 Tips For First Year Students At UWE

20 Tips For First Year Students At UWE

The first year at university is beyond exciting, but can also be extremely challenging. Keep reading for 20 tips for first year students at UWE.

The first year at university is beyond exciting, but can also be extremely challenging. You’re in a new environment and you have hundreds of questions. At the beginning of my year, I had many questions and was too scared to ask. So here I am answering your questions before you asked them to me! Keep reading for 20 tips for first year students at UWE.

1. Go to induction week, this is how you first meet your course mates.

It’s your first impressions that count.

2. Go to the fresher’s fair!

It has many clubs and societies you can join. And attend the first one. You will regret not going. It is one of the best events for first year students at UWE.


3. Lock in Tuesday – the best day at the SU!

Cheap drinks! And bring a friend along.

4. Don’t miss class and keep track of assignments.

Attend lectures, make sure you haven’t missed anything, copy from a friend if your hangover has overcome your life! “Sorry I lost the assignment as I went to the pub straight after lecture” Don’t be this person!!

5. Don’t try and be someone else.

Make your own profile no wants a fake friend and it would be extra work for you!



6. Be considerate of other people.

Noise! Something that really annoys me! Your fellow flatmates may hate parties and not want to hear you stumbling around above them.

7. Remember your flat number!

After a night out at the lock in and you have drunk too much; don’t go and get lost on campus or end up at the wrong flat!


8. Get a map of Q block!

It’s like a maze!

9. Keep your finances on track.

Don’t spend it all on booze fresher’s week.

10. Bring an Ethernet cable with you; sometimes the wireless Internet can be rubbish!

11. Don’t buy brand new books from the bookshop.

It’s so much cheaper to buy from second years or charity shops.


12. Fresher’s flu is a thing!

You end up with the snottiest nose and lectures full of people coughing and sneezing. Be prepared!

13. Wash your clothes at home if you can, the washing machines can be really expensive, especially when you got two weeks’ worth of washing.

14. Have a great time! You only live once!

15. Shop before you come!

Try Wilkos or Primark – stuff here is quite cheap.



16. Be organised!

Have folders for every module and dividers!


17. Know when your coursework is due and start it now if possible!

The earlier you do it, the less panic you have later in the year!

18. The SU shop is soooo expensive.

Don’t rely to do your weekly shop here!

19. Do all your food shopping online and get it delivered straight to your door. So much easier!

20. Lastly make sure this is exactly what you want to do!

You don’t want to be doing a subject that you hate for three years! Change now if you can and want to!


First year students at UWE, what are tips that have helped you so far? Comment below and share the article!
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