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10 Tips For Finding A Job After Graduation

10 Tips For Finding A Job After Graduation

Are you stressed out looking for a job? Finding a job after graduation can be quite intimidating, but it’s something everyone has to do! Hopefully these 10 tips will help you!

1. Start on time.

You don’t have to wait until you are actually graduated! A lot of students sign their contracts more than 6 months before they even graduate. If you don’t want to apply yet, you cant at least get your preparations started.

2. Get your resume on point.

Your resume is the first thing a company sees, so make sure it is attractive! You can use a hint of colour, a good photo or a smart design. Limit it to one page and don’t forget to add contact information. But most important: make sure there are no typos. Pinterest offers a lot of inspiration.



3. Write a good cover letter.

You really have to put time and effort in this and let others help you! Focus on your strengths without repeating what’s in your resume. Say why you would be perfect for the job and what you could mean for the company. Make sure there are no typos!

4. Become a LinkedIn pro.

Make sure you have a good photo and you fill in as much information as you can (don’t forget your skills). You can add people from companies you’re interested in and send them messages. They will probably be very helpful and provide you a lot of information.


5. Go to job application workshops.

Schools, student societies and companies host these and they are meant to help you preparing for finding a job. They often help you with your resume, cover letter, interviews and LinkedIn.

6. Go to career events.

Here you can meet different companies, people and jobs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Sometimes you can leave your personal details, so they can contact you later. It is the perfect opportunity for some networking.



7. Talk to alumni!

You probably know some people that are older than you and have a similar degree. If not, your school maybe invites alumni for events. Talk to them! What are there experiences? What kind of jobs do they have? Can they introduce you to other alumni?

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8. Talk to companies.

Are you wondering what kind of jobs a company offers or how you can apply? Just contact the company! You can email them, contact recruiters through LinkedIn or maybe friends or family know people who work there.


9. What do you want and why do you want it?

This is a question you will probably get on an interview, so be prepared! You have to be able to give specific reasons so think about this question in advance. Also think about your future ambitions.

10. Learn from bad experiences.

Don’t let one bad interview get you down! First times are always hard. Just learn from your mistakes and become a pro!

Good luck finding a job after graduation!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share for finding a job after graduation? Comment below!
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