6 Tips For A Cute But Cheap Uni Ball Dress

It's almost ball season, and you need a cheap Uni ball dress. Use these thrifty tips to look good without a guilty conscious at your next formal event.

Going to a ball at University is a staple part of your tertiary experience. But searching for a cheap Uni ball dress is an arduous task. You’re already paying for tickets, hair, and make-up. Add a dress to the total price, and you might just break the bank. Don’t fret, Cinderella. You shall go to the ball. Here are some ways to look ballin’ on a budget.

1. Shop the sales

If you’re big on making plans in advance, you probably already know all the deets of the next ball. Seating arrangements, theme, playlist, drinks- you name it, you’ve already noted it in your giant planner and highlighted it to death. If that’s the case, shopping in advance won’t be a big deal to you. Swoop in to your favourite department stores on Black Friday or during the January sales and snaffle up the perfect dress months before you need it. Check clearance sections for items that have tiny imperfections, or scout for flash sales. You’ll have a stylish, inexpensive outfit while your pals are pulling their hair out searching the night before the ball.

2. It’s all online

Can’t find anything in the store that looks good on you, as well as good for your fiscal prospects? Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find a cheap Uni-ball dress. You can compare prices, reviews, and shipping speeds between multiple stores simultaneously. It’s not limited to dresses either: browse through shoes, accessories, and purses to effortlessly style your outfit at a fraction of the effort of in-store shopping. No more shuffling store to store to make sure you are getting the best price. While your online, you can check out Influencers. They often film hauls upon hauls showcasing different dresses so you can get inspired by current trends while seeing how items look in reality.


3. Rent

Don’t like the idea of blowing money on a dress you’ll wear once, but will take up precious closet space for all eternity? Renting formal outfits isn’t just reserved to guys and suits anymore. By renting a cheap Uni-ball dress, you can say no to pointless capitalist doctrines. Instead, impress your peers by donning what would normally be a very expensive designer ensemble as you dance the night away. The next day, transition back to your Cinderella rags, I mean sweats, and give the dress back.

4. Thrift-shopping

Op-shopping is an obvious solution to sourcing a cheap Uni-ball dress. Bring your buddies and make a day out of exploring your local second-hand store for formal wear, as well as other goods. If you can’t find anything salvageable there for a night out, I recommend heading to the thrift stores in wealthy areas. They tend to have dresses of higher-quality, and from a more recent decade. Another tip is to visit these stores at the start of Winter or Summer. Rich people tend to clear their wardrobes out at the end of a season. Enjoy the spoils.

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5. Seamstress

What is your cheap Uni dress arrives from online, but it doesn’t fit your silhouette as exactly as you wanted? Or you found a great outfit from the op-shop but noticed a hole in the armpit you can’t hide. Don’t think you have to find a whole new ensemble to wear. Instead, visit a seamstress. There’s been a resurgence in tailors recently, and you may be able to find one in your local mall. They can easily, and inexpensively, fix issues. On the other hand, you may have a dress you hardly wear and want made anew. Don’t be afraid to pull a Marge Simpson with her pink Chanel suit and get it extensively changed by a tailor in time for the ball.

6. Swap-meet

You just got invited to a ball at the last minute, but have nothing to wear. Don’t impulse buy an expensive, designer dress, if you know your friend has one just like it. Staging a swap-meet with your friends is a fun, chill way to re-invigorate your wardrobes. Pretend you’re in Pretty Little Liars and stage a fashion show with your friends so you can all shuffle outfits between each other until every one of you has something unique and totally you for the Uni-ball.

Are you going to a ball this year? What are your tips for getting a cheap Uni-ball dress? Comment below.

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