Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

Interested in thrifting outfits, but not sure of where to start? Maybe you want to shop until you drop, but don’t have the budget to constantly do so? Don’t worry, I know how you feel. Thrifting outfits may sound scary. I mean, how is someone supposed to find something nice from piles and piles of second-hand clothes? With thrift shopping, comes patience- but also skills! Here are some tips and tricks when thrifting outfits EVERYONE should know.

1. Explore All Your Local Thrift Stores

Knowing which thrift stores are best is nearly impossible without exploring all of them yourself. I mean, you could read up reviews but can you really trust them? I suggest visiting all your local thrift stores at least once, in order to really know the general price range of each and every store. This way, you know which thrift stores to visit and which to avoid altogether when you’re thrifting outfits.

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

2. Go Through Every Section Available

I know the number of clothes in a thrift store can seem daunting, and you might feel lazy to go through every single one of them. But if you’re on the hunt for something cute and totally worth the price- I suggest going through every section and rack available. I can’t stress enough the number of times I’ve found an adorable sweatshirt in the men’s section or a cute dress within the midst of skirts and pants. Keep an open mind, and be patient. If you search through everything, you’re bound to find something you like.

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

3. Learn How to Sew

I know this might sound irrelevant to thrifting outfits, but trust me- it isn’t. Sewing is a great skill to have on its own, but when it comes to thrifting outfits, knowing how to sew might just save your life. Found a cute pair of Levi jeans that aren’t your size? Or maybe you found a pencil skirt that fits perfectly, but it’s just too long for your liking? To anyone who DON’T know how to sew, this might just very well be a deal-breaker. But if you DO know how to sew, these problems won’t even bother you. You can just whip out your sewing machine (or needle and thread, if you’re a college student like me) and wallah! You have a new pair of jeans to wear.

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

4. If You Can’t Save It- DON’T Buy It

When thrifting outfits, you have to be able to gauge whether or not you’re able to “save” the outfit. And by save, I mean fixing the problems that brought it over to the thrift shop, to begin with. For example, shoes that have broken soles can just be repaired for a few bucks. However, stains, for example, can’t. Just because you think something’s cute, doesn’t mean you have to ignore all the mustard stains surrounding it. If you can’t save it- DON’T buy it. Trust me, they’ll just rot in your closet if you do.

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

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5. Always Visit the Dressing Room

Constantly visiting the dressing room to try out clothes can seem tiring and unnecessary when shopping at a normal store. But when you’re out thrifting outfits, visiting the dressing room is essential. Unlike normal retail stores, the clothes here only come in one size, and one size only- whatever size the previous owner was. So trying out your thrift clothes before buying them is important when deciding if it’s the right fit for you.

Tips And Tricks When Thrifting Outfits

6. Don’t Buy It Just For The Sake Of It

I’ve been a victim of this many, many times. Trust me when I say don’t scramble to buy something from the thrift store to the point where you settle for something you kinda like, but not really. Doing this will just end with you wasting your money on something that’s going to rot in your closet for the rest of eternity. I know you’ve been in this store for more than an hour trying to look for something good. But sometimes, it’s just not your lucky day. There are other thrift stores you’ll visit, and even then you can always go thrift shopping another day. Who knows? Maybe you can’t find something nice today, but you will tomorrow.

Which thrifting outfits do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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