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Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer

Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer

Let’s face it, we all need a little help surviving the heat this Summer if last year is anything to go by. With temperatures reaching a peak of 21 degree Celsius in London in the month of February, this could be a sign of the harsh Summer yet to come.

I have compiled the best advice I could give for us all to survive the heat this year. From one sweaty person to another, let’s try to survive the heat together!


It is key to keep your body hydrated.


You may feel sweaty and tired but wet but you need to keep drinking water.

Becoming dehydrated can make getting through the heat even worse, bringing on migraines among other unnecessary problems. Keep yourself hydrated and you can avoid these hindrances and get through your daily tasks with less physical stress.



Cold showers will become your new best friend. Multiple times a day.

It really helps cool the body off if you feel overheated and also takes care of the sweaty feeling you may have from the humid Summer heat.

A good shower is refreshing and will make you feel so much better after suffering in the heat that is sure to surround you this Summer.


Find time to take showers to cool off, clear your head, and feel cleansed of your overheated self.


Invest in a hand fan to take wherever you go.

It may feel stupid at first but wouldn’t you rather feel cooler out and about than be melting from the heat?


If you’re looking at a battery operated fan be sure to stock up on batteries. If not, find yourself a cute hand fan with a design that matches your personality.

Create your own breeze wherever you go and you’ll feel much cooler when surviving the heat in the months to come.

Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer



Keeping the sun out of the house is key in keeping a cool atmosphere.

Letting the sun in changes the temperature of your home. The sun heats it up which is handy in Winter when it is cold but not so much in Summer when the entire city is unprepared for the heat.

Hold the sunshine out by pulling down your shades and keeping your curtains closed through the day. Find the least sunny room in the house and spend some time there if you choose. It will surely be cooler than the sunny part of the house.


Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer


Let the cold air in at night by opening up the windows for more comfortable sleep and colder temperatures indoors.


Night time provides the only real relief from the heat. The sun no longer proving to be an issue, you can finally enjoy a natural cool breeze that will bring down the temperature significantly before the sun rises again the next day.

Dress Appropriately

Wear loose clothing preferably made of thin materials.

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Tight clothing will only make you hotter as the material clings to your body. Choose light colours and light materials to avoid the clinging sensation and allow a cool breeze to touch your body more than it would with thicker materials.

Airy dresses and light shirts are a must.

Don’t forget to wear a hat too! You can avoid sunstroke by keeping direct sunlight off your head.


Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer

Seek Shade

Direct sunlight will not help you when surviving the heat this Summer.


Seek out shade. Find shady spots under trees or put up your own parasol or canopy in your backyard so you can enjoy the sunshine without getting burnt or overheated!

You would also do well to stay indoors if the sun is too much for you. No harm in spending some time indoors away from the harsh rays of the sun.

Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heat This Summer


Hang Out In Places With Air Con

This may sound ridiculous but hanging out in a store that has air con is actually amazing relief from the heat.

If you feel so inclined, invest in your own air con system at home if you have the means to do so. You can truly transform your home into a cool haven.

Surviving the heat this Summer is very possible if you follow my handy tips and tricks! As someone very experienced with getting through the Summers, I have cultivated my own methods of survival in the humid English Summers and have survived so far. You too can take on whatever the Summer throws at you by following these handy tricks.

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