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10 Tiny Plants For Small Spaces

10 Tiny Plants For Small Spaces

Do you have the tiniest house ever and no room for that fiddle-leaf plant? We've got you sorted with these tiny plants you just have to have!

Tiny flats and dorm rooms are the death of giant elephant ears and huge, indoor palms. But even still, there are heaps of cute alternatives for tiny plants, guaranteed to brighten any space!

1. Monstera Adansonii

This miniature monstera plant is an Insta-fav! While the regular Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa) might be a little too unwieldy for that small corner of your desk, this one comes pocket-sized for your small house needs.

Caring for these babies are relatively simple! These plants prefer to be staked in their pot, can survive in indirect sunlight, and soil should be kept moist with weekly watering.


2. Devil’s Ivy

Also known as pothos, or golden pothos, these little beauties can grow just about anywhere! They are perfect for growing in a hanging pot, if your table-space is running low!

These tiny plants only need watering once a week, and can survive mostly any indoor position. When it comes to pruning (because it is a vine, so it will grow!) springtime makes for the best season to cut it back.

3. Peace Lilies

Perhaps the hardiest of indoor plants, the peace lily can be bought either small, or grown large. Since a large plant and pot might not exactly fit into the small corner beside your door, you can restrict their growth by pot-size. The smaller the pot, the smaller the plant will stay!


Water these beauties once a week, but know that even if you forget about her for nearly a month, they can bounce back from brown to blooming pretty quickly!

Just remember to keep these ones away from pets, as some are toxic to animals!

4. Boston Fern

If you do have pets in the house, the Boston fern is the plant for you! These tiny plants are non-toxic to animals, and can live in a tiny pot in your bathroom with relative ease.


You should water these ferns occasionally, but they thrive best when kept well-misted by shower steam!

5. Sansevieria

AKA Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. Because, you know, it’s sharp-tipped and all.

These beautiful plants are tiny, low-maintenance, and have beautiful patterns over their thick body.


As a succulent, these guys are tough. They can tolerate shade (but grow better in the sun, like most plants) and have low-watering needs. They prefer dryer-to-damp soil as opposed to being flooded.

6. Zanzibar Gem

These little beauties are also drought-tolerant! Because they store water in their potato-like tubers, these tiny plants will rarely die on you! Better yet, they hate direct sunlight and would just love to sit on top of your bookshelf, looking bright and green!

Seriously, these guys only need to be watered once a month! You don’t need a green thumb for this little one!


7. Cast-Iron Plants

Hardy, tropical, and small, these tiny plants are perfect for capturing those vacay-vibes, and they won’t flower like the peace lily does.

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They’re known for being nearly indestructible, and would love to sit on a window-sill or shelf close to a light source. Just water them every couple of weeks to keep the soil damp, and you’ll be good to go!


8. Chinese Money Plants

Ah, the thing we all wish we had more of – plants, that is. These tiny plants are also called Pilea Peperomioides, and are super easy to propagate. These means, if you know someone who already has one, you can take a cutting and grow your own plant yourself! #moneyhacks.

They like partial shade, damp soil, and are just the cutest nestled between your books or beside your TV.

9. Echeveria

It’s a little, baby succulent shaped like a flower. ‘Nuff said.


You literally never have to water these (okay, you do, but only once the soil is bone-dry) and they are so small you can fit them just about anywhere in your house!

10. Peperomia

The nature of these tiny plants is to grow their leaves in clusters, making them perfect for small spaces! These guys are beautifully shaped, with thick leaves that hold water if you (like we all do) aren’t that good at keeping up with regular plant-watering!

Sit these by a window in direct sunlight, and watch them flourish with a water every couple of weeks!


Have your own tiny plant favourites? Share them in the comments below!

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