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10 Times Men Wore Pink And Looked Great

10 Times Men Wore Pink And Looked Great

Here are ten different male celebrities that have worn pink and looked pretty great - get some inspo, guys! Pink is amazing!

During the 19th and early 20th century pink used to be considered a male colour. Most parents were advised to dress their sons in pink if they wanted them to go up particularly masculine.

However, these sentiments changed around the mid 20th century when a massive marketing campaign started to push the idea that the colour pink exclusively represents femininity.

Here are ten different male celebrities that have worn pink and looked pretty great.


1.Harry Styles

When it comes to fashion, Harry Styles rarely follows gender rules. He’s known for wearing what he feels comfortable in and doesn’t apologise for it. So here is a picture of him wearing a pink blouse and looking pretty cute.

2.Tan France

Tan France is literally my fashion hero.

France has a really healthy relationship with fashion. He promotes wearing clothes that make you feel good. For example, he famously said; “I love fashion and a fashion trend, if it works for me. If it doesn’t, I couldn’t care less about it.”


This pastel pink t-shirt is perfect if you’re going for a casual look and the French tuck definitely makes this outfit! But France is also known for layering clothes and making great outfits, for example, you could wear this t-shirt with jeans and a blazer.

3.Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has the ability to make anything look good. He can wear bold prints, Hawaiian shirts, leopard print shorts and literally look great.

4.Rami Malek

Rami Malek is probably one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood right now. He manages to make everything look effortlessly cool. I also love that he plays a character like Elliot Alderson on Mr. Robot who swears by a black hoodie and jeans most days. But in real life, Malek isn’t afraid to make a statement through fashion.


5. Elvis Presley

Interestingly, Elvis Presley hated wearing denim because he always stated that it reminded him of being poor.

In the 1950s wearing pink wasn’t the obvious choice for most men, but Elvis Presley liked using pink to express himself.

He would most commonly wear black and pink together. However, in 1955 he was photographed wearing a pink shirt, pink socks and he even managed to find a pink belt in downtown Memphis.


6. Drake

Drake is a pretty obvious one, but there is no denying that most young guys want either a baby pink hoodie or sweatshirt because Drake has one.

7. Cole Sprouse

Alongside his acting career, Sprouse actually has an eye for fashion, especially as he’s known for his fashion photography.  He has previously done a fashion shoot for Kendall Jenner for The Style magazine.


8. Idris Elba

The multi-award winning actor has become a style icon. He could wear a suit and tie or a polo shirt and jeans, Idris Elba would still look stylish and fashionable.

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9. Darren Criss

Most of us know Darren Criss from Glee, but he’s actually an amazing singer and a pretty good ally for the LGBTQ+community. Throughout his career, stage, and screen, he’s always been an advocate for expressing yourself and never compromising values.

Criss has never really taken fashion advice too seriously, with his staple pink sunglasses and reppin’ really long curly hair back in the day.


10. Ashton Kutcher

When I was putting together this list, I obviously wanted to find men that wear pink; but, I wanted to highlight famous guys that I also look up to.  My intention was to show how their voices have orchestrated social change.

Kutcher is mainly known for putting his acting career on hold in order to dedicate his time to helping the victims of sex trafficking and I really look up to him for that. It’s honestly why he’s made it onto this list.


Comment below if you can think of any more men that look great in pink!

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