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8 Times Margot Robbie Was Absolute Goals

8 Times Margot Robbie Was Absolute Goals

8 Times Margot Robbie Was Absolute Goals

Australia has given us a lot of talented actors. From Nicole Kidman to Chris Hemsworth to Eric Bana. Also coming out of Australia happens to be none other than the world’s favourite cutie pie, Margot Robbie (or otherwise known as the Doppelganger of Emma Mackey).

To show our obsession with Margot Robbie, here are the eight times she was absolute goals:

1. She Embraced Her Tomboy Side

Classifying herself as not much of a girly-girl when it comes to everyday wear, Margot Robbie prefers a pair of shorts or jeans with a simple t-shirt and converse to top the look off. Her happiest moments are when she’s surfing or riding a motorbike! Although the red carpet demands perfection, her other side is a down-to-earth gal who embraces her natural look.


2. She Claimed She’s A Pro At Sandwich Making

One of the weirder times Margot Robbie was absolute goals, but we love her even more for this. Before starting her acting career, she worked at Subway, where she is adamant on the fact that she can build the perfect sandwich, especially a BLT. No wonder she was branded a ‘Sandwich Artist’!

3. She Downed Tequila Before A Sex Scene

The Wolf Of Wall Street was the moment we all fell in love with Margot Robbie’s undeniably penetrating gaze and spot-on accent. And of course, there was a sex scene involved.

Said sex scene was between Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio (swoon!). However, due to nerves, Margot Robbie went ahead and downed three shots of tequila.


What’s more shocking is that it all happened at 9 am.

4. She Tattooed Her Cast Mates (And Herself!)

Well, if we don’t have a friend who’s willing to tattoo us, then do we really need friends?

However, Margot Robbie is the kind of friend who will unbelievably tattoo you. Margot Robbie, this decade’s tattoo artist without a license or experience.


During Suicide Squad, she officiated ‘Harley’s Tattoo Parlor’ where she gave tattoos to fellow cast members, which included none other than director David Ayer!

At least now these limited number of people can brag about the fact that Margot Robbie tattooed them.

5. She Did Her Own Stunts

What! A! Legend!


Of course, during Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie was keen on doing all her own stunts. And if you’ve seen Suicide Squad, then you are aware that it’s not a romantic comedy, but rather a DC Superhero action film.

Director David Ayer stated that Margot Robbie’s stunt double spent most of her time lounging around in her trailer since she didn’t have much to do in terms of stunts!

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6. She Mistook Prince Harry For Ed Sheeran

Just when you think she can’t get any better, she shows that she’s a loveable dork!

When she was living in London, she attended a party with Cara Delevingne and took a photo in a booth with the Prince Harry of Wales himself! Apparently, he resembles Ed Sheeran in her eyes.

7. She Refused To Lose Weight For A Role!

Actresses in Hollywood have it the hardest, so for Margot Robbie to stand up for herself (and her character) was a big deal.


When they required her to lose weight for the role of Jane Porter in The Legend Of Tarzan, Margot Robbie refused and said she’d much rather focus on being healthy than skinny.

8. She Took Halloween Seriously

We must have all seen the picture floating around social media when it happened, but just to refresh everyone’s memory: Margot Robbie dressed up as James Franco’s character Alien, from the film Spring Breakers.

Head to toe James Franco– even with the cornrows!


Although Margot Robbie is absolute goals all the time, which is your favourite time? Let us know if we missed out a crucial fact in the comments below!

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